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Basic Facts

Name: Alice
Age: 15
Other Music I *adore*: Our Lady Peace, Nickelback, Diffuser, Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Pearl Jam
Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy
Favorite Actor: Joshua Jackson

My Friends

Shoutouts to Lauren R, Amy, Cara, Dayna, Donna, Cat, Danielle, Whitney, Mark, Tuckerbutt, Q, Sara, Will, Adam, Katie, Rach and all of u!! I love ya all!!!

My *updated* List of Idols

Boy George, Al Gore, Kelly H, Will, Julia Stiles, Stephen King, Tom Cruise, Anthony our window installer...ugh I can never remember them all!! oh well!

What I love to do

LACROSSE!! I used to take ballet for 8 years but quit. I fence :) but I havent done it in a while because of band...yes I am a band girl! I play clarinet and maintain an above normal social life :) I work also somewhere that is a lot of fun. I love to shop and I love DUCKS!!!

Why ducks are THE BEST
Oddly enough it is easy to tell that ducks and O-Town are my main obssessions of life. Ask my friends. They all call me Duckie. No lie. lol it started in 7th grade by my friend Dayna. The nickname stuck and my obsession grew every year! Ducks are better then penguins, monkeys, giaraffes, frogs, COWs and every animal. That is final :)

Me kind of dazed hehe

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