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Next-Generation Wrestling


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Statement - There are many organizations around the world named Next Generation Wrestling or NeXGen Wrestling. We are the only one that is an actual wrestling association. All others are E-Feds. E-Feds are not the future of wrestling, technical wrestling is. We do not believe that we are backyard wrestling nor do we condone it. Next Generation Wrestling is comprised of teenagers who strive for the technical aspect and preservation of it. Many other teenage federations are Mick Foley or Terry Funk impersonators. But in all honesty, how many Mick Foley's do you find in WWF and WCW or alive. We wish to be noticed but not by hitting each other with trash can lids or being thrown through flaming tack covered tables or being shown on those goofy backyard videos...Thank You and please enjoy the site!

*If your in the South Jersey Area and are interested in joining the NGW please contact (609)-476-3645 or Email us!*

NEW! 1-27-01 Save Tazz! - Click here to sign a Save Tazz petition that will be sent to the WWF Creative Team. There are already over 8,000 signatures!

NEW! 1-26-01 NGW Artwork - Logos for NGW, Aries and The Redneck

NEW! 1-25-01 NGW Wrestlers Themes -Aries, Assassin, Marc Dawson, Pat Karnage, The Redneck and Tom Hibbert are here!








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