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Through the Window of Memories:

The Greatness of the Mountains, bestowed
a renewing energy from childhood.
It gave a beauty of summers passed.. And
memories worth holding onto..
Back to a time when all look new, and never

Back to the time when a young girl look with
wide eye wonder of it all.
Sat beside a great oak, and thought of days
to come.

What would become of the childhood
memories but a gift I always knew...
The standing of the Mountains yes I recall!
For the Mountains called my Spirit to Soar,
among the Tress that stood so tall.
To keep growing in every way, And
never forget how fast time will fall.
Towards the mountain tops lays the
memories of it all.

Let life pass but not a day.. And hold
fast the wonders of your youth.
For it is the simple things in life that
will bring you back to recall
what you always knew you had.

A Gift of each and every shining new day.
To give it all you have, to strive for the top
of The Mountains high!
And sing loud of your Spirit that has soared.


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