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The First Party!!!

Steph, Monica, and Tina falling into the closet!!!!

Group Shot!!! Me, Assof, Jordan, Fran, Yucock, Steph, Tina, Monica, and Jess.

Random Pictures From School

This is just a bunch of friends and me being goofy.

Here's Steph, Yucock, Fran, Brandon, Gina, Me, Monica, and Jordon at a party over the summer.

This is when Everyone was soooo drunk. Tina preferred the ground over her bed!!!

Monica, Steph, and Tina with Albert hair!!!

This is Me and my "brother" Shawn. He's just a little drunk!

Me, Monica, and Steph cuddling!!!

Monica wearing Steph's bra for fun!

Steph and Monica looking cute in NYC for the Yankee parade!