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Lonliness is a disease,
It grows inside-
until it eats you alive.


There is a choice in life
Either to travel with Love
Or to travel Alone.

Sometimes you must break away from Love
In order to achive your Dreams
But the Love will always remain
For you to return to

Sometimes you travel Alone
Searching for Love,
And when you find it,
It is Life's greatest reward.

But sometimes you travel Alone by choice,
And this is the hardest journey,
Because there is no Love for you to hope for.


I slowly opened the attic door
and silently crept up the stairs
as not to awaken anyone.

I shivered
as the cold air
greeted me.

I tiptoed though the boxes
as if a silent pair of eyes
was watching me.

I sat down
and felt the softness
of the comforter
wrapped around me.

I then peered through the window
into the darkness
and awaited my sunrise.

I silently watched as
the oranges and yellows
dominated the blues of night.

And I gazed
as a brilliant ball of fire
lifted itself
over the treetops.


My heart is in pain
My soul is on fire
My love for you is real
And so is my desire.

My heart is breaking
As you tell me good-bye
You were always there
You were a great guy.

You look at me and say
It was not meant to be,
But that is you
You were not set free.

My love will never fade
My memories will live,
Time will never tarnish
The love that you gave.

You were a friend
Who became to mean more
You were my first
You made my heart soar.

I think about the good times
The wonderful things we did,
My love is real
Our love is dead.