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Welcome to the JAB website, please become loyal fans of us and stick with us while we learn how to's with our Multimedia

Updated 8/6/00

Put the font in ABout us.
Looking for a mattress, donation anyone?
Talking about wrestlers.
Fixed the Roster and created a new page!!!

Welcome one and all to the grand opening of the JAB website. We have been around since about December of 1999. We have actually only held a few matches however since we have had only 2 wrestlers. We are gaining more into the Summer months however. 

"Time of Hard Knocks" has been scheduled. The Main Event is ...
We are looking to hold this event in Late July early August. This will be our biggest and hopefully our best to date. Our new wrestlers are going to get a taste of what the JAB is really all about.

Well well, it looks like we are out of a place to wrestle again. But never fear, I am going to find a mattress. Sanitarium has been helping the Candyman come along and develop the match to be a great one. Thanks Sani.

There has been Hit Counter people here since July 1, 2000

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