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[ Level Vibe ]


Level vibes 5 caterham, England November 2001

The day before the big comp “level vibes” and I couldn’t wait to see the action so I went down to south bank with a few of my mates to check what was going down…. I have herd that the day before a comp in England there is usually a lot of riders down there checking out the scene. I got there and I couldn’t be leave how many wicked riders there were. Not just all the local rider from around England but people from Portugal, Spain and I think a few from all the way back your side (America). I could be leave how good it was and the comp still was on day away. All the riders were ripping it up, rider like Phil Dolan, James White, Lee Musselwhite and Christophe dassie. From the side it looked like the riders were like a row of canons wait to fire, one by one go of to have there moment in the view of every one (AND THEY WHERE SOME FAT ASS MOTHER F***ING LINKS). It got late and same as they came, they all left to go back to rest for the big day…

I got to the venue to see straight away I saw that it was going to be wicked level vibes. I saw Alex Jumelin and jimmy petite doing same wicked stuff. It was like amazing to see such great talent and style and this was like from 15 year olds doing like brakeless stuff and still making it look clean. There were some cool styles coming through like 2 front wheels and no crakes no brakes, and another dude 2 front wheels and 6 pegs (through bottom bracket) crazy huh? Group c was full of quality riders and hard to see who was the best, they all had great runs and deled with the slippery surface very well. Group b (expert) had same good riders such as dino Jeffers, Sam folks, Jimmy petite (Raphael chiquet). I herd that same dude called Jason ford from London one of the south bank riders did a wicked run I didn’t see it but if it’s as good enough to be a rumor it must have been good and it got him to 4th place. A run that I liked a lot was by moutinho Ricardo and he was mad, from Portugal and did same amazing no handed caboose and other crazy stuff hang 5 forward to back wards and forward and like that on and on. But got him to 2nd place… Now this was a great run done by none other than from jimmy petite. He does like the fastest pinky speakers in the world and I suited his style perfectly and put him straight to 1st place and well deserved.

Well im lost for words it was? It was, well im sure it will come to you In a form of a video and you’ll see for your self. But till then it was spectacular Cristophe dassie with the best dump trucks no handed ever. And Phil Dolan did his unique fast but controlled style of tricks and did some cool pedal hang 5s. Alex Jumelin did the fastest no handed terbinded cliffhangers and landed with his own style of (I have no I dear what they are its to fast to see) I think boomerangs type things? Mr. James white or that’s what he should be called after organizing a blood good level vibes 4, and still had the energy to ride not only his bike but do a wicked run full of his usual baffling tricks. Multiple hitchhikers tail whips and his little old school trick he had chucked in and went down well with the crowd. It was like –half hiker to “opps I dropped the back end” and keeps on going round the bike on the pegs. Followed by him was lee musselwhite doing like backwards crack packers spinning …mmmmm weird but looks the part, and did his original but breath taking trick –steam r to crack packer to sit on bars and grab back pegs and take leg of the pegs, and tried to fit in a no handed as well top bloke for trying.

After the comp .
After a great comp like that how can you try to match that? (The pros must of thought why no watch are self) so they pull out a big screen and project on. Not only a normal flatland video but “intrikat background 2001”and if you can get it, THEN GET IT! Coz it was like the best video I have ever seen. Or it could have been the fact I had like a million people behind me watching the same thing (which was cool). Then James white came out to hand out the prizes .in group c 1st place won a load of stuff and because the dragon fly bloke toke pity coz he had like the trapyest frame ever (haro shredder) street frame. Jimmy petite was no there to collect his prizes for 1st in-group b coz he had to get the train back to France, so they through them out to the crowd (which I caught a set of mike s bars in the process). The 3 winners of group a won a trophy made by James white made out of cardboard and im shore they all liked them (not). Lee was given a biz house steam given by the bizhouse man coz he liked his crazy style. All in all a dam right good comp ,just how the should be and I cant wait for next years… VIBE PICTURES!.

Thanks to a good friends/great rider for submiting the pictures, comp review.


1Chriss ????
2Daniel Hutchinson
3James Smith


1Jonathan Gordon
2Andrew Thomson
3Dreadlock Dave


1Raphaël Chiquet
2Moutinho Ricardo
3Dino Jeffers
4Jay Forde
5Matthew Seddon


1James White
2Alex Jumelin
3Phil Dolan
4Lee Musslewhite
4Christophe Dassie
4Armin Batoumeni
5Alain Massabova
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