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We the people –pony

Pony Picture
all tubing: 4130crmo seamless tubing
dropouts: 4130 crmo, 6mm thick, 10mm slots, lazercut
angles/lengths: 19" tt, 75° ht, 70° st, 13.75" cs (center)
weight: 3.1kg (6.8 lbs)

Made in Taiwan (but what bikes these days are not?) so it comes in nice colors –white, black, gray, blue, olive, clear and all look very nice. And the paint stays on well too. I got one and rides like a beauty. Nice and nippy and o.k. scuffing room. Nice balance point and you can do lot with the frame( cut lugs off and go brakeless) So it you either want a cheap flatland frame for a really good value and easily one of the best bikes out there then this baby is for you.

all in all very nice frame a bit heavy but you can make up for it by lighter components and if wanted it could even take street and very good price ($200-250). Ridden by Aaron Behnke. what more can I say very nice bike…


24.5 wide mmmmmm wait o.k. – ish but the shape is like amazing They are like TI’s and you know how nice they are but these are even nicer they have a nice neat weld thing to make stronger. And great for brakeless (lets you have foam on the bend and still feel nice) and just as good with brakes. I got a pair and they make your bike complete, I mean they make the real difference in look and in riding. You know there good, come on there designed by jimmy petite and made by homecore. So if I where you I would get some and for $70 of your hard errand money I would…..

(submitted by a rider)

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