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News For 11/9/01

Tid Bits from Effraim:

Akira is on Ares and he was on dragonfly.

James White is planning some flatland series over here here in the UK.

New Jersey King and Queen of Flatland Results and news.

Check out the letter concerning the judging-Here
Also a letter concerning the Pro scores- Here
Both of which are strait from the comp holder-John Ortiz

Charles Robert 1st place
John Derrick 2nd
Mark Harris 3rd
Andrew Wicklam 4th
Curr Sqeui 5th
Lee Mejias 6th
David DeBuono 7th
Mike Zubla 8th
Tyler McNabb 9th
David Eberhardr 10th
Joe Serido 11th
Derik LaBau 12th
Joe Mancebo 13th
Mike Gerrland 14th
Ashanri Zirhs 15th

James Kennedy 1st place
Ron Baker 2nd
TJ Perry 3rd
Lala Sinko 4th
Erin Donaro (The only girl) 5th
Paul Vail 6th
Nick Morela 7th
BIll Moorey 8th
Matt St. Gelais 9th
Joel Bergey 10th
Rob Wagner 11th
Eric Jeters 12th
John Public 13th

Ed Nussbaum 1st
Jeff DeRoache 2nd
Mike MacPhaden 3rd
James McGraw 4th
Bryan Huffman 5th
Stephan Clarke 6th

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