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News For 6/21/01

--If any one knmows where Gabe Weed is right now can you please email me at One of his old friends is looking to contact him. thanks now with the news...

--in some updates on the new drews bmx shop,drew has hired his sister amy to run the business end and do all the secretary stuff for drews bmx so that will be less stuff that drew will have to do at the shop. drew plans to open the new shop by november 4th with the grand opening. some of the nor-cal locals have made the point he needs to stock more flatland stuff in the store and hopefully he will do it as there are 25 PLUS FLATLAND RIDERS in nor-cal who ride. the new shop address is 4500 n main street in walnut creek and its building "A". he will have a big selection of clothes,safety gear and alot more and it will be the biggest bmx shop in the bay area and maybe nor-cal.

--kerry gatt has been riding every day and has been doing pretty good but we do know he must be in some pain riding like 4-5 hours a day but he is happy to be on his bike and has been seen pulling long back wheel combos on his bike. anthony durbano, kerry,mutt,pk and several others have been seen riding at "THE SPOT" in danville ca during the week so you know it is good sessions.

--the nor-cal flatland style zine is almost done and MUTT plans to send a bunch to flatland fuel so you can get your copy there and will feature kerry gatt,pete brandt and some of the other nor-cal flatland crew plus coverage from the king of concrete in england. mutt hopes to put out the zine every 2 months and really zero on the mecca of flatland scene which is really big.

--pete brandt has been doing alot of shows for perfection on wheel aka diamond back bikes and he has been doing shows all over california and is about to do a 3 state tour with them and will not be back til after halloween so you know he is stoked as he will be making some good money.

--check out the dig-it zine as its japanese and its cool but its all in japanese so you can read it but the pics are really cool. you can get your recent copies of dig-it japan zines from patrick at patrick also has the new flatland manifesto 2 and vibes 3 videos so get your copies and support the flatland community and he will throw in a cool flatland fuel shirt for you and i know mutt has a real good collection of those with every known color-thanks patrick!!

--the new uk ride is out and its #55 and it has some good stuff in it but not much flatland in it but is worth getting a copy and you can get your copy at dans competition and we are hoping patrick at flatland fuel will start to carry it as he already carries dig-it and some other euro magazines.effraim ya wanker!!

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