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News For 10/17/01

-kerry gatt and anthony durbano in nor-cal staying at nor-cal house for atleast two months-they are here right now gabe weed coming up this weekend and will be staying a few days andy cooper will be arriving on october 31st-november 1st and will be staying the winter

-dan rigby and mac-jamie macintosh is suppose to be coming down for the winter

-cory stratychuck also coming along with gabe kadmiri coming from vermont for a visit-cory maybe for a few months.

-walnut creek,ca scene is coming along nicely as there are 4-5 riders riding there everyday

-drews bmx is moving to a bigger and bad ass store front down the street from their old location within the month and it is a big big place with a big bike show room,band/music session room,2 offices, big ass work area and alot more and it will be a big improvement from the old place. and the best part is that he has actual parking for customers!!

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