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Factory May 12th Sick Tracks Meet-Up

Besides the first night I ever went (Halloween '98, which could NEVER be topped), tonight was the most fun I've ever had at Factory.

A bit of drama before we got there...I spilled coffee in my car stereo, and for the next hour not only did I not have any music, but there was this horrible loud static coming from my speakers that I could not shut off or turn down. But I was not about to be deterred, The bus trip that we were supposed to come there on had already been canceled, but we were going anyway. We planned this night for a month and a half, no way was I not going.

Luckily about an hour later the beast dried out and the music was once again pumping. We got to Factory at about 3:30 AM, very early. Although we were spared the usual cheesy bullshit JP usualy plays that early at night, the music was still a little soft for my taste. But there was still plenty of good music to be had.

Many high points to the night, but especially meeting the Sick Tracks crew. Some of the most down-to-Earth people I've ever met. They really showed us a good time and made us feel welcome and at home, the way you're supposed to feel at Factory. Like a big ol' cracked-out family.

Other highlights were the Adam n' Eve show done to Kosheen--Hide U (John Creamer n Stephanie K mix). The best show I've seen there in 3 years, since the Roman orgie show in '98. Unbelievable show. Mesmerizing.

We got a nice surprise when Nomad performed I Wonder live, and we heard the new Luz Devina track for the first time. Sounded hot. Missed the new Marley Sun Is Shining mix and didnt get to hear the Folker Soundfactory vocal AGAIN (that's what I get for leaving too early...) but I did get the Folker in email the next day wooHOO!!

Songs of the night...Kosheen//Hide U, Sono//Keep Control, V Three//Resistance with the Luz Devina "Jonathan Peters at the Soundfactory" acapella, and JOsh Wink//Freak.

Shout outs to the Sick Tracks crew we met:
Jason, Dom, Amy, Bardot, Anna, James, Wedge, Vinny, Matt "Cakey", VEX, Alex, Joey Spadz, Judi