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Johnny Rock...

This is how a lot of people will remember Rock best.
If you were ever on one of his bus trips, you'd be hard-pressed to remember a better time you've ever had in your life.
At least that's the way I feel.

                                            With a friend on the Roxy bustrip

With a friend at Christina Kalaitzis's wedding.

Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ.
If you managed to get to one of these beach parties Sunday after Studio, you saw something pretty ridiculous, as you can see. Was Rock not the worst dancer?

                                             With Lyn Dawg and Mikey Bigs

With Tom and Gary Ackerman, (Blonde girl?) and Cathy Moore
in front of Soundfactory NYC

With Gary, and some very big eyes...hmmm...

                                             This is my last memory of Johnny Rock...
Trying to get our cracked-out asses out of our chairs to dance on the way home from the last bus trip to Factory.
The song playing at the time was Paula Cole--I Believe In Love (Jonathan Peters Soundfactory Mix)

Rock, Gary and Chrissy

No comment...

Drooganbrothers at Lucy the Elephant, Margate, NJ

John and his sister Christine.
Another pic of Rock and sis.

Classic Rock. Definitive Rock. Dressed in drag at Delerium, singing "I'm Beautiful Damnit" by Bette Midler.
Rock always tried to bring a little of New York to the shore club scene, and his shows were rare but hilarious.

As you can see I have far too few pictures of Rock. If you have the means to send me more pics via e-mail, please do so at

Thanks to Andrea SantaLucia for the new pics! Send more!!