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memories of johnny rock

Johnny Rock was a unique individual that I have had the privilege of knowing during his time on this Earth. I have constructed this page so that his friends can come here and reflect on the crazy but good times we have all had with him.

Please send me an e-mail if you have any stories, memories, pictures, or suggestions for the site. I would be happy to add them here. Thanks. -Steve

As for my own memories, I have way too many to list. The best story I have is the first time I met him.
We were driving up to Soundfactory NYC for Halloween in 1998. There was me, John, Tom and Gary Ackerman. As usual, Rock is running WAY late. We leave at about 1:30 AM. We wanted to leave at midnight.
We get to Factory and there's a line all the way down the block. It's freezing cold. And all the time we're in line, the bouncer keeps walking up and down the line telling us nobody's getting in without a costume. But we blew it off, thinking they were just trying to thin the line out. So an hour goes by, and the bouncer goes by again, saying nobody's getting in plain-clothed. So one of us sneaks out of line to go see what Paris is doing at the door. She's letting people in without costumes. No big deal.
Another hour goes by, and the bouncer goes by again, and people are starting to walk down the street telling us they got kicked out of line because they had no costume. So one of us sneaks out of line to look again, and Paris is turning people away. Now we're nervous.
So John and Tommy and this other guy we were hanging in line with decide to take a taxi to find a 24-hour CVS or Rite-Aid because most of them sell Halloween costumes and face paint. Before they come back, Gary and I get to the front of the line and Paris kicks us out. So we're walking to the back of the line and these 3 idiots in bed sheets are waving us over. Rock? Tommy? Yep.
These whackjobs couldn't find a costume or face-paint, so they went to a hotel and paid the front desk guy $60.00 for 6 bed sheets, somehow get a hold of some string, some scissors and a marker, and we dressed each other up as ghosts, with eyeholes and string wrapped around our necks, with stupid Casper The Friendly Ghost names written on our backs. Stinky. Fatso. Caspar. Ridiculous.
So we get back to Paris and she lets us in. Which is funny because we could have been 12 years old under those sheets and nobody would've known. We paid the cover, got frisked, walked in, stuck our fingers in the eye-holes, and tore the sheets off.
And had the craziest night of my life. We got in Factory at 6:00AM and didn't leave until 1:45 PM.

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John's stepbrother Bob

My name is bob. I am John's step brother.
Thanx so much for the website of him. I know lots of people loved him. As did I.
He gave me my first guitar. He gave me my first amp. He made me my first "metal" mix tape.
Basically, he's one of the people who got me started growing up. He is very much missed!
Lots of luck,