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The Diary of a Girl

this page created 03/05/01; last modified on 09/25/02

These are my most intimate thoughts.
If it would please you to banter and and rave of these ideas, please exit this page now.
If you would like to poke fun or entertain guests at dinner parties, please leave now as well.

On the other hand, if you care to read my most intimate thoughts not for purposes of my exploitation, then please proceed,
especially if you are reading this because you want to understand what goes on inside of my head.
Please approach with caution
and be gentle where you step.
These are my insides,
this is my core.

I become no more vulnerable than what you are about to read.

Quotes From The Diary
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My Thoughts 03/05/01
My Thoughts 03/06/01
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Stress and Updates 03/08/01
Anger Experiences and Job News 03/09/01
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Nostalgic & Lonley 03/11/01
Moody, Missing, and Monday 03/12/01
A Decision to Serve God 03/13/01
Focus on God & Bitterness 03/14/01
A Testimony 03/15/01
Another Testimony and *Occurences* 03/16/01
Yet Another Testimony and Pain 03/17/01
Resentment and Bitter Poetry 03/21/01
Seemingly Eternal Anger 03/22/01
Depression, Isolation, and Updates 04/05/01
Sex & Sweets 04/10/01
Issues, [Un]Fairness, Covetousness and
a Cry to God 04/26/01

Wading Though Quicksand 05/30/01
Too Much Change and Updates 06/10/01
Guy Issues and Updates 06/13/01
A Decision to Make and Updates 06/18/01
A Updates and Repentence 09/03/01
Happy Funland Updates 10/04/01
Recovered- Please, Never Loose Hope nor Faith