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Audubon Junior / Senior High School

350 Edgewood Rd
Audubon, New Jersey

Turnkey Technology Training

Resources for Students        Resources for Teachers      Cooperative Projects

Resources for Students and Parents

  • - students may ask questions of experts in everything from bugs to Bach.
  • Encyclopedia - Online Encyclopedia
  • Funbrain - an one line site for parents students and teachers.
  • - free homework help for kids.
  • Kidsource - web site with health and educational information for parents about children
  • MySchoolMail - free email account.
    Subject Specific
  • History Timelines - timelines for different areas of the world lined up side by side.
  • Science - Genentech:Access Excellence- interactive mystery projects and information
  • Ask Dr. Math - look up frequently asked math questions by topic and grade level
  • A+ Math - interactive problems and games to help improve students math skills. Also includes homework help and worksheets on the arithmatic level.
    Search Engines
  • - by subject
  • - by subject
  • - by subject
  • - ask a Question, get sites with answers
  • Resources for Teachers

    General Resources
  • Your homework - a resource for homework assistance.
  • Educast - free updated information for educators.
  • GreatTeachers- network of educators and message/information boards.
  • Encarta Learning Zone - resources, info and assistance.
  • Study Web - clearing house of categorized educational sites, all levels
  • My School Mail - free email account for mail from parents and students.
  • Medieval Source Book - constructed and maintained by Fordham University.
  • Funbrain - an one line site for parents students and teachers.
  • the Chalkboard a listing of materials that are free for teachers.
  • Awesome Library for parents teachers and students, materials are listed by subject area.
  • Teacher Vision dedicated to providing teachers with great classroom ideas, access to supplies, lesson plans and web materials.
  • Quia - use existing games or make your own, all subjects, all levels.
  • Math
  • Math projects for middle school grades.
  • SAMI - Science and Math Initiative Resources, Projects and Lesson Plans.
  • - a source for projects and lesson plans.
  • ETTC Web sources - complete listing of math.
  • Explorer - math and science resources for teachers.
  • Worksheet Factory - basic skills adaptible worksheets.
  • Math Forum homeowrk help and math resources.
  • Thinkquest awesome online projects with true real life aplications.
  • Includes music, investing, and the history of math with detailed explanations of each piece.
  • Millenium Math Projects cross curricular resources.
  • Investing for Kids a variety of information about investing.
  • The Hub the regional allience for mathematics and science education.
  • Graphing Linear Functions provides the Java application to graph linear equations online.
  • Teachers Net lessons about probability.
  • Science
  • Explorer - Math and science resources for teachers.
  • SAMI - Science and Math Initiative Resources, Projects and Lesson Plans.
  • ENN - Environmental News Network
  • Quarks and Bits - Online Zine about Science Literature and the Internet.
  • FatherMag - Science Fair directions.
  • Cooperative Projects
  • K-12 Partnership Listing of real time data projects for in class use.
  • Collaborative listing including recommended ages or grades.
  • Projects - Organized by AskJeeves a subsection, AskJeeves for teachers
  • Stock Market Projects - k-12 interactive stockmarket projects.
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