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This is Volcano

This ride is HOT!

This is Volcano: The Blast Coaster. When Volcano opened in 1997, it faced many complications, being that it was a revolutionary ride in several respects (It held the record of fastest inverted coaster for quite some time. It may still =P ). However, now Volcano seems to be running just fine. Good thing, too, or else many people would be going home without knowing what they're missing; this ride ROCKS! I happened to be extremely lucky, getting on the front seat of the last car of the night. It was pure exhiliration and excitement throughout the whole ride, perhaps the best single ride of my whole trip (though I gave Batwing an edge for its total uniqueness). Hypersonic XLC is awesome, too, but I'd have to say this baby is a bit superior because of its longer length and incredible inversions. If visiting King's Dominion, this is a ride you should be sure not to miss.
(This picture also taken by me.)