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This is Superman: Ride of Steel

If I go crazy, then, will you still call me Superman... - Kryptonite, Three Doors Down =P

Superman: Ride of Steel opened in Six Flags America in 2000. Designed by Intamin, this is one of the 3 "S:ROS's", the other two being in Six Flags Darien Lake and Six Flags New England (This version is a mirror image of the Darien Lake version, but I've been told that the SFNE one is far better than the other two). I believe this ride's key ingredient is its tremendous airtime. In my experience, only Hypersonic XLC can rival this ride's instantaneous airtime (Nitro has more airtime overall, but it has more hills) in the back seat. Its first drop is one of the better hypercoaster drops I've experienced, and its intense helices are fun twists, both figuratively and literally. If the other two Supermans are as good as this incredible coaster, then get me to the other two Six Flags parks ASAP! =P (This picture also taken by me.)