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This is Nitro

Batman: The Ride and Chiller?  Child's play... :) (See far right)

This is Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure's 12th coaster. Nitro is, as of 2001, the largest coaster that Bolliger and Mabillard have created. Nitro stands an astonishing 230 feet tall, making it the largest roller coaster on the east coast! The first drop is 215 feet at 66 degrees and you reach 80 mph at the bottom. After the amazing first drop, you go into a severely banked 2nd hill, and an air-time packed third hill. The 4th feature, known as a hammerhead, pushes you very far to the right. Next, you go over yet another air-time hill, and then into a high-g spiral. Finally, you end with a few bunny hills back to the station. Overall, Nitro is 5,394 feet long. All of these amazing features make Nitro one of my favorite roller coasters. (Picture courtesy of Brett Bekiarian and