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My Roller Coaster Gallery

Here you will find links to some pictures of my favorite roller coasters. Just click on the link of the name of the coaster to see it. I have a pretty good collection, and I am continuing to add other pictures on.

Apollo's Chariot
Batman: The Ride
The Comet
Volcano: The Blast Coaster
The Incredible Hulk
Batman and Robin: The Chiller
Blue Streak
The Dueling Dragons
Lightning Racer
The Great Bear
Iron Dragon
Magnum XL 200
Space Mountain
Rock n' Roller Coaster
Mean Streak
Millennium Force
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Hypersonic XLC
The Great Nor'easter
The Great White
Rolling Thunder
The Wildcat (Cedar Point)
Superman: Ride of Steel
The Great American Scream Machine
The Wildcat (Hershey Park)

**In case you haven't noticed, many of the pictures that I have used are from other websites. Before using these pictures (especially if you plan on using them for commercial purposes), you should contact the home page owner. This page is not out for profit, so I don't believe it matters all that much that I use their pictures, and you can use any of the pictures taken by me if you want for whatever reasons (there are sites out there with better pictures than mine, but I used mine for less hassle hehe =P). I've tried to tell the source of every site whose picture I've used, so please be sure to check with them if your use is alright. Thanks! :)**

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