Welcome to My Roller Coaster Page!
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Welcome to My Roller Coaster Page!

My 50 Favorite Roller Coasters
  1. Millennium Force @ Cedar Point
  2. Nitro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
  3. Batwing @ Six Flags America
  4. Volcano: The Blast Coaster @ Paramount Kings Dominion
  5. Superman: Ride of Steel @ Six Flags America
  6. Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point
  7. Apollo's Chariot @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  8. HypersoniC XLC @ Paramount Kings Dominion
  9. Mean Streak @ Cedar Point
  10. Medusa @ Six Flags Great Adventure
  11. Raptor @ Cedar Point
  12. Fire Dragon @ Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
  13. Ice Dragon @ Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
  14. Lightning Racer @ Hershey Park
  15. Alpengeist @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  16. The Incredible Hulk @ Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
  17. Roar @ Six Flags America
  18. Cyclone @ Astroland
  19. Great Bear @ Hershey Park
  20. Batman: The Ride @ Six Flags Great Adventure
  21. Flight of Fear @ Paramount Kings Dominion
  22. Great White @ Morey's Piers
  23. Wild One @ Six Flags America
  24. Big Bad Wolf @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  25. Grizzly @ Paramount Kings Dominion
  26. Rolling Thunder @ Six Flags Great Adventure
  27. Two Face: The Flip Side @ Six Flags America
  28. Wildcat @ Hershey Park
  29. Joker's Jinx @ Six Flags America
  30. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad @ Walt Disney World
  31. Rock n' Roller Coaster @ Walt Disney World
  32. Blue Streak @ Cedar Point
  33. Great Nor'easter @ Morey's Piers
  34. Mantis @ Cedar Point
  35. Space Mountain @ Walt Disney World
  36. Batman and Robin:The Chiller @ Six Flags Great Adventure
  37. Loch Ness Monster @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  38. Anaconda @ Paramount Kings Dominion
  39. Rebel Yell @ Paramount Kings Dominion (Backwards)
  40. The Great American Scream Machine @ Six Flags Great Adventure
  41. The Comet @ Hershey Park
  42. Rebel Yell (Forwards) @ Paramount Kings Dominion
  43. Avalanche @ Paramount Kings Dominion
  44. Wild Cat @ Cedar Point
  45. Mind Eraser @ Six Flags America
  46. Iron Dragon @ Cedar Point
  47. Dragon Coaster @ Rye Playland
  48. Hurler @ Paramount Kings Dominion
  49. Disaster Transport @ Cedar Point
  50. Shockwave @ Paramount Kings Dominion

My Favorite Roller Coaster Web Sites

CedarPoint.com - A cool site that has virtual rides for most of the really good roller coasters at Cedar Point.
SixFlags.com - This site gives you interesting facts about all the Six Flags Parks across the U.S. and some of the good roller coasters in them.
Hershey Park.com -This site tells you all you need to know about Hershey Park and it's roller coasters.
Universal Studios - A very good site that tells you all about the four Universal Studios parks around the world and what's to come.
Coasterhost - a cool site with lots of good pics of coasters and parks across America.

Also, be sure to check out my non-coaster web page to see my favorite non-roller coaster rides.

Welcome fellow roller coaster fans! I'm Mike, and I have been to many amusement parks, all of which I enjoyed. On the east coast, I've been to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios (both the Studios and the Islands of Adventure), Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags America, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Paramount Kings Dominion, Rye Playland, Astroland, and Wildwood. In Pennsylvania, I've been to Hershey Park and Knoebels. In Ohio, I have been to Cedar Point. All of these theme parks were a lot of fun. I plan to visit more places, and I have some ideas, but I wouldn't mind having some more ideas. So if you know of any cool parks or great roller coasters, please e-mail me! Thank you, and enjoy my roller coaster web page!

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