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This is the Great Bear
The Great Bear is smooth, but it packs a punch.

This is the Great Bear, Pennsylvania's first inverted coaster. It is located in Hershey Park, and is easily the best steel coaster there. The Great Bear is named after the constellation "Ursa Major", and it contains 7 thrill elements, just like the constellation has 7 stars. The 7 thrill elements are a 124 foot helix-drop, a vertical loop, an immelman, a heartline twist, an s-bend, a corkscrew, and a second s-bend. The Great Bear is definitely not the biggest inverted B&M coaster out there, but it is one of the smoothest (even the helix is smooth). Although the Great Bear may be a lone star in comparison to Hersheypark's wooden coaster lineup, it is what makes Hershey Park well rounded. (picture courtesy of