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This is Blue Streak

This hilly design packs loads of air time.

This is Blue Streak, Cedar Point's oldest standing roller coaster. Blue Streak was built in 1964 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. Though now it seems quite small compared to the many other coasters at Cedar Point, Blue Streak is still a very fun ride that doesn't usually have a long line. Surprisingly, though it is much smaller, Blue Streak offers more air-time than its "bigger brother", Mean Streak. After going down Blue Streak's initial 78 foot drop, you travel over many hills that are guaranteed to make you enjoy your ride. Another interesting part of Blue Streak is that the loading station is on a curve, as opposed to most other coasters where the loading station is straight. When going to Cedar Point, Blue Streak is a classic woodie that you don't want to miss. (Picture courtesy of