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This is Batwing

Go for a flight =P

This is Batwing, which opened in Maryland's Six Flags America in 2001. Batwing is the 3rd Vekoma Flying Coaster to appear, following Paramount Great America's Stealth and Six Flags Worlds of Adventure's X-Flight. Batwing is a near clone of X-Flight, but don't let that get you down - this ride is truly awesome. It is relatively small in size, not that formidable compared to the nearby Superman: Ride of Steel, but it packs an awesome punch. You start the ride lying backwards, but you flip over and hang on for dear life at the top of the lift. Afterwards you go through a horseshoe inversion, a loop, two back-to-back twists (not sure of the term...whatever they are, they're fun =P), and an intense helix finale. This ride nearly stole the number 2 spot on my list from Nitro, which is quite a feat when I thought it would barely make the top 10. When you go to Six Flags America, be sure to get a ride on Batwing. You definitely won't regret it! (Picture actually taken by me, believe it or not hehe)