Invitation to Nordic HG open 2001


The Nordic HG Open 2001 will be in Iceland this summer.

The competition days are 4th to 8th july 2001


This is a formal invitation to all Nordic hang glider pilots to participate in the Nordic hang gliding open championship 2001 (class1 weight shift hanggliders only). This is a open competition so it is not limited to Nordic pilots, all pilots are welcome.


FAI competition calendar: 

Nordic HG 2001 site:        

Local rules for the competition:   


The Nordic Hang Gliding Open 2001 will be in Iceland 4th-8th of July 2001.

It is a FAI cat-2 event so pilots in the top 2/3 will get points in FAI-WRPS.


Currently there are number of pilots from the Nordic nations on the HG-WPRS list:

Denmark           1          pilot ranked

Finland              11         pilots ranked

Iceland              5          pilots ranked

Norway             17         pilots ranked

Sweden             3          pilots ranked


To be able to participate in FAI cat-1 competitions (Worlds or Europeans) you must be on this list!  But to participate in Iceland, you do not need any ranking.



Contact persons in Iceland.



Agust Gudmundsson,     email:            tel: +354-897 9882

Arni Gunnarsson,           email:           tel: +354-861 6161



Flying in Iceland

Its great to fly in Iceland.

Iceland is 103.000 as compared to Denmark which is only 43.000

The main takeoff for the Nordics is at mt. Burfell which is located in the south center of Iceland. Its all surrounded by black sand (great for thermals). Normal tasks are 50-80 km from this takeoff. All flights will be at mountain or hill takeoffs.


Gap formula is used for scoring, and GPS (garmin) is required for flight verification.

We use Race 2000 for competition calculation and CheckIn for GPS flight verification.


Travel to Iceland

There are number of ways to travel to Iceland.

Easiest is by direct flights.


We have arranged a free glider and harness transport both ways from Copenhagen to Iceland and back to Copenhagen.


Airline tickets for Atlanta Airlines are available at Samvinn Travel in Iceland.

Please contact Hlin Hlodversdottir tel: +354-569 1037 email:

Samvinn travel web site is:

The price is 14.900 ISK (+landingfees) one way

We have number of seats (15)available 3rd july 2001 with

this airline and there are number of flights available back.

The fligths are tuesdays and thursdays:

CC 900 KEF - CPH 09:00 - 14:00

CC 901 CPH - KEF 15:30 - 16:35

Please book this now!!


Other travel possibilities are Icelandair 3-4 flights a day from

Copenhagen and at least 1 flight a day to Oslo and Stockholm.

Web site


Also there are number of flights open from UK (Glaskow, Heatrhow, Stanstead) with ( (



Glider transport

There is a free transport for gliders and harness for pilots. The transport is from Copenhagen airport to Iceland and back after the competition. The transport is free for both passengers of Samvinn travel (Atlanta airlines) and others that travel with other airlines. A letter will be sent to all competitors that confirms the free transport to show to the airport personnel.


Gliders will be picked up at the airport in Iceland and transported to the competition site. Atlanta uses Boeing 767 so glider must be packed short.

NJA: (Hvor kort er kort?)




A bus and a truck for gliders will be available and included in the competition fee for retrieval. If we have a bad weather the bus will be used for tourist activities but there will be some additional charge for participants



Accommodation at the competition

We will stay at a small village on the south coast. The village name is Hella and is centrally located. There are 2-3 restaurants, good swimmingpool, 3 gas stations and a supermarket.


We have booked number of cottages at the tenting area. There pilots can choose if they want to use their own tents, stay in cottages in sleeping bags or have made up beds. Included in the facilities is a shower,

indoor cooking facilities, barbeque grill, washing machine and more.


More info on web site   but please note we have already booked all available cottages for the competition period and reserved place for tents.



Car rentals

Info on car rentals in Iceland can be among other places be found at

Usually Bonus (Budget) car rental is the most economical one but others are fine.

Most of the rentals use price per day including 100km and then fixed amount for each km above 100km per day.




GSM network covers most of Iceland. The state telephone company Landssiminn has the largest coverage. Phone cards can be bought at petrol stations and many other places.

NJA: (Prøv telefonen med et kort fra en anden operatør end din egen, den kan være spærret af din normale operatør. Det er ærgerligt hvis det ikke virker med et taletidskort på Island.)


Radios / GPS.

In the competition we will use Airband radios 122,7 Mhz as the competition channel. Radios are not required BUT  the use of GPS is mandatory but cameras are not accepted for flight verification.



Sporting license

This is a FAI cat2 competition which requires valid sporting license.

NJA: (Husk at få FAI licensen fornyet.)




Legal limit for insurance is USD 50.000 for third party liability.

NJA: (Det koster 100,- Dkr at få udvidet den danske ansvarsforsikring, til at dække Island.)



Contact persons


Agust Gudmundsson,     email:          tel: +354-897 9882


Arni Gunnarsson,           email:         tel: +354-861 6161