Hello Nordic friends

As we told you to the Nordic meeting in Oslo, we were planning to arrange a part of our HG nationals 2002 in Laragne, France. We would like to have a CAT 2 competition, but have not the right people to do this. So we have asked Ágúst Guðmundsson (Iceland) to help us, because he knows how to do this. We are happy because he said yes to be the Meetdirector.

Now the competition is upgraded to CAT 2 and named "Vikings HG Open 2002".


More information will be published on the WEB.  <http://sdfr.tm.is/vikings2002>


If anybody will like to join us, please do not hesitate to entree the event 17 - 24 August 2002.


It will bee a friendly competition with safe tasks, GPS verification, maximal 45 pilots and entrée fee 150 Euro.


Please spread this news to Your HG pilots.


Best regards

Niels Jørgen Askirk