HQ Old shop   Bus number 1 DDU   Bus number 2 Rented   Checklist    
PC w serielport Type? OS? IS PC IBM TP760XL NJA PC IBM TP760XL NJA Waypoint list All pilots and drivers DK
Printer incl paper Type? ?? GPS Garmin12 JK GPS Garmin12 DDU Map w 95% of Wpt All pilots and drivers DK
Powerpanel male DK PC / 12v cable Garmin DDU PC / 12v cable NJA NJA T-shirts All pilots and drivers DK
"Spotlight"   DK Map 1:100.000 DK Map 1:100.000 DK Medals / rewards 1  IS DK
      Map 1:250.000 DK Map 1:250.000 DK   2  IS DK
Garmin cables Garmin 12 IS               3  IS DK
  e-Trex NJA First aid kit   DK First aid kit   DK Best 3 Danes (3 pieces by mistake) DK
  2xserielport (Y) NJA Fire exhauster   DK Fire exhauster   DK      
Rulers   DK             File w Wpt For download DK
Tape for paper   DK Mobil phone   DK Mobil phone   DK      
Handbooks: Gen. Section DK Book w all prints Tasks, info, etc DK            
  Section 7 DK Megaphone   / Horn  DK            
  Org_Guide DK Taskboard   DK            
  Jury and Steward DK Pilot list   ?? Pilot list   ??      
ICAO map Laragne area DK  Clipboard   DK Clipboard   DK      
      Driver   DK Driver   DK      
Pins w numbers For landing reports ??                  
Board w map For landing reports DK 3c574 PC-card X-pds cable DK            
Software (CD backup also) IS                  
CompeGPS Race2002 IS                  
Paper stapler   DK                  
4 hole puncher   DK