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looking for a church?

Do you have this image in your head about what it is like to go to church? Does the whole idea turn you off? (You might even be wondering why you clicked on this link in the first place.) Did you ever wish you could find a church that was "real"? You may have never been to church and are wary of it, or maybe you are aware of a need in your life that you cannot seem to fulfill. Maybe you are a new Christian seeking to grow in your faith along with the fellowship of other real Christians, or maybe you have been a Christian for a while and have fallen away, or just see something missing from your church. Whoever or wherever you are on your spiritual journey, the fellowship of Calvary Chapel is relevant to you. It is just people coming together to worship the One True God of the Universe and learn more about Him and His Word. Calvary Chapel is committed to sending out servants to further the gospel throughout the United States and the world. There is a real love here that only comes from having eyes totally on God and his Word as the absolute direction for the church. There is something for everyone here, no matter what age or point of spiritual growth, and you will always be welcome. Come as you are. You can find the nearest Calvary Chapel by clicking on the link and using the zip code finder. You can also download and listen to some of the messages by going to the archives.

Calvary Chapel

Or, if you live in the San Diego area, here are some direct links to great fellowships in the area.

Calvary Chapel San Diego

Calvary Chapel Vista

Coastlands Church (San Diego)

Horizon Christian Fellowship (San Diego)

Many of us are members of Generation X, or the Post-Modern Generation (age 18-35), a major generation which has been largely overlooked (and sometimes frowned upon) by the traditional church. The church (i.e. the body of Christ) is made up of generations in movement. Once one generation has passed, the next will be left to carry on the torch. What will be the legacy of this generation as witnesses for Christ? Check out these San Diego fellowships aimed at discipleship of Gen X in a spiritually alive, Christ-centered, and culturally relevant way.

Coastlands Church (San Diego)

Flood (San Diego)

You see, many churches of today have either turned entirely away from the Truth, or so saturated it with their own man-made traditions that they no longer have the proper focus. Man makes up his own traditions and wants "religion", but God gives grace and freedom from sin and wants a relationship with us. True Christianity means a freedom from the bounds of sin and constrictions of religion, it is simply a personal relationship with the One who loved us enough to send His Son as the ultimate sacrifice to pay the penalty of our crimes. One we accept what he has done for us and realize the magnitude of his mercy, we can do nothing but worhip him back. It is by accepting and acknowledging His gift to us, the sacrifice of His Son so that we do not have to pay the penalty of our sins, and realizing how unworthy we are, that we begin this relationship with Him. It is as easy as accepting the gift, and asking Him into your life to lead and guide you. He promises to always be with us, and He will. As you become closer to a friend by talking, you also become closer to God by talking to Him, and this is prayer, spending time alone with God, our Friend. Another way to get to know the God of the Universe and your personal Friend, is by spending time reading His Word, the Bible. If you think about what he has done for you, you can do nothing but thank Him, and this is what worship is all about. This, is what being a Christian is all about. One requirement, accept the gift. The rest are guidelines for growth. If it is so easy, what is stopping you?

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