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This is my review of the Marksman "Biathalon".177 caliber air rifle.The first thing I did when I got it home was sight in at 50 yards.After 3 hours, I was shooting groups smaller than 6 inch with the standard peep sights that come on the gun.When I took it to the chrono the next day, I was getting readings of 495fps. I immediately got a scope sighted in and took it to the feild.Oh yeah,my gun definitely has ammo preferences.It really loved Copperhead Flats.I had rounded up a couple of friends an guns and off we went.They laughed when I pulled out the Biathalon.The common feeling was "A gun from Wal-Mart will never keep up with a new Beeman r1".At first,I agreed with them.We had just sat down for a rest in some rocks,when 57 yards away,a little red squirrel popped up.Wrong move.I raised the Biathalon and POW.The little squirrel dropped.One shot.To make a long story short,was a lucky shot.I could,however,hit them if I could get within 40 yards.If you need a good airgun for anything,I would highly reccomend the Marksman Biathalon. Hunting stories if you have an interesting airgun hunting stories,e-mail me at