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On today's episode of DragonBall Z, Majin Vegeta was getting his butt kicked by Majin Buu and Trunks doesn't like it one bit! Trunks heads out to kick Majin Buu's butt and he does! Goten wants to go help his friend but Piccolo is holding him back. Goten tells Piccolo, "If I was Gohan, you would let me go!" and Piccolo lets him fly away. After Vegeta is free, he gives Trunks a hug and then KO's him! After that he does the same to Goten. Piccolo takes the boys far away and M. Vegeta launches an uncontained final flash against the notourious Majin Buu. But it it enough to kill M. Buu? Don't miss the next episode of DragonBall Z!




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