Picture of Ravege I did

Ravege is now Retired but still helps out if he can....Odds against you no one eles will help. Then just ask him he will help.

Ravege stands 5 feet 10 inches he wears a dark coat with a hood so no one can see his face

He carries a long sword on his back and a shotgun in his coat.He is a fighting machine but he also has a soft heart for people.

He is a protector of good but he hates everyone

Ravege is a Gangel.He likes to be left alone, He is a protector .

He will only fight if attacked or asked to help out in a fight,you mess with his friends you DIE.
Disciplines are:
Protean (6)
Fortitude (5)
Animalism (4)
Potence (6)
Dominate (2)
Celerity (4)

Dark Tharumaturgy FIRES OF THE INFERNO(5)
Movement of the Mind (5)

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