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Picture of Ravege I did

Ravege is now Retired but still helps out if he can....Odds against you no one eles will help. Then just ask him he will help.

Ravege stands 5 feet 10 inches he wears a dark coat with a hood so no one can see his face

He carries a long sword on his back and a shotgun in his coat.He is a fighting machine but he also has a soft heart for people.

He is a protector of good but he hates everyone

Ravege is a Gangel.He likes to be left alone, He is a protector .

He will only fight if attacked or asked to help out in a fight,you mess with his friends you DIE.
Disciplines are:
Protean (6)
Fortitude (5)
Animalism (4)
Potence (6)
Dominate (2)
Celerity (4)

Dark Tharumaturgy FIRES OF THE INFERNO(5)
Movement of the Mind (5)

My IRL Family

Starting from left front My Daughter Amber,little boy Jake, Billie jo the one next to him And i am holding nick ANd of course Vickie...

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