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i went into sabotage, a nothing. i came out with the respect of 6 men and still no clue as to who is the king of karnage. i gave everything i had. my heart, my blood, my body and it all comes down to a decision. it's funny how things go now and days and all the politics involved. nonetheless the fans got what they wanted and a show we gave them. now my wrestling career continues in question. will i be crowned king of karnage or will i be just another man on the pWa roster looking for an opportunity? in 6 days i'll find out. it could be the best day in my young career or the longest. the verdict, awaits...

"T h e A f t e r m a t h"

It's about 3:15 in the afternoon. It's the day after one of the most exciting and grueling Sabotage's yet and we find ourselves in Atlanta, Georgia, home of this week's Sabotage. As we pay close attention to the scene at hand we notice a limo pull up to what looks to be a doctors office. The driver of the limo comes out and makes his way to the rear of the vehicle. He opens the door and let's out the center piece of this promo, Justin Pierce. Pierce, on crutches, hobbles out of the limo with help from the driver. The driver closes the door and assists Justin to the door of the doctors office. As the two enter the building, a spanish woman, in her mid 30's is there to greet them in a nurse outfit.

[.Front office attendent.]: Hi, do you have an appointment?

Justin trys to collect himself as the limo driver tries to straighten him out. The driver then signals to Justin that he'll be waiting in the limo until his appointment is done. Justin nods and draws his attention to the woman, finally, after keeping her waiting. Justin winces as he answers her.

[.Justin.]: Yea.. uh. 3:30. Justin Pierce.

[.Front office attendent.]: Ah, yes. The Dr. Jones is awaiting you in room 3. Follow me.

Justin hobbles along in his crutches as he continues to follow the front desk attendent. They approach a door not to far from the front desk, labeled "room 3". The attendent opens the desk and inside is a older man, looking to be in his late 40's. We assume he's the doctor althought he's not really dressed like one. He's wearing tan khaki's, a white shirt, blue tie and brown dress shoes. Okay, maybe he is dressed like a doctor. The doctor has salt and pepper colored hair, with a spot in the middlew sigifying baldness. He has small rectangular glasses located all the way at the end of his nose. The way a nerd in high school would sport them. He takes his clipboard from his desk and greets Justin.

[.Dr. Jones.]: You're Mr. Pierce?

[.Justin.]: That I'am.

[.Dr. Jones.]: The professional wrestler, correct?

[.Justin.]: Yep.

[.Dr. Jones.]: I'm guessing this is how the injury occurred?

[.Justin.]: You're on target today, huh, doc?

[.Dr. Jones.]: Let me take a look at this..

Justin lifts his sweatpants up on his right leg to give the doctor a closer look. The doctor grabs the leg and presses on certain areas.

[.Dr. Jones.]: Does it hurt here?

[.Justin.]: No.

[.Dr. Jones.]: Here?

[.Justin.]: Nope.

[.Dr. Jones.]: Here?

[.Justin.]: Ahh! Ahh! Yea.. yea! There.

[.Dr. Jones.]: The ankle, huh?

[.Justin.]: Yea, took a nasty dive off of a cage last night.

[.Dr. Jones.]: Are those stitches from that fall too?

[.Justin.]: Yea, heh.

[.Dr. Jones.]: By looking at the ankle, and where the swelling is, it's definitely a high ankle sprain. The way your ankle is blown up, I can tell you just missed breaking it and being sidelined for 6 months or more. But since it's only a high ankle sprain, you'll only have to be off of it for a week or two.

[.Justin.]: No, no. Doc, I can't. I have a match this week. I'm main eventing.

[.Dr. Jones.]: I'm sure you are. But this ankle injury is serious. One wrong move and it's broken. 1 to 2 weeks or 6 months to a year rehab? It's your decision Mr. Pierce.

[.Justin.]: Give me the hardest cast you have, I have to wrestle this weekend.

[.Dr. Jones.]: A cast will not let the ankle heal, Mr Pierce. And you do not have my clearance.

[.Justin.]: Why not? Without your clearance the company I work for will not let me compete and it could put a damper on me winning a very prestigious title.

[.Dr. Jones.]: I'm sorry, Mr. Pierce. I cannot allow you to go out and compete in this condition. If your company decides to overrule my clearance, then so be it. I will not be responsible for you ending your career because you broke your ankle in several places.

[.Justin.]: If you won't give me the clearance, I'll have to seek it on my own...

Justin hops from the patients table mat on one foot. He winces once again and grabs both crutches, he makes his way out hobbling like he's been doing since becoming injuried. He storms out of teh doctors office and to the limo. The driver comes out of the drivers seat and to the rear to open the door for Pierce. Justin hops into the back, throwing his crutches to the other side of the limo. The driver gets back to the drivers seat and heads off.

After a good 15 minute drive, we find ourselves in front of the Georgia Dome, the arena that will play host to this weeks Sabotage. Justin rushes out of the car with no assistence but his two crutches. He doesn't even give the limo driver a chance to open the door or help him out. Justin enters through the front as if about to kill someone. He approaches an arena worker.

[.Justin.]: Justin Rudd's office. Where is it?

[.Arena Worker.]: Down the hall, last door on your left.

Pierce doesn't even thank the worker, he just storms off and heads all the way down the hall. He approaches the last door to the left hand side and notices the sign on the door stating, "Justin Rudd". Justin, still on crutches reaches for the door handle and the scene fades...

.. To Be Continued ..

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