Jester's Little Play-Place

I suppose, by now, you have gussed that Jester is my favourite out of the puppets. I guess you can say this is my little shrine...hehe. This is...all Jester...all the time.

So, what's so special about Jester? Honestly, I don't know. But, think about it, if you could be treated with respect for merely sitting around and looking cute, not too many people could describe you either. Jester has a very unique personality. His emotions are very easy to detect. This may be because Jester has a multi-paneled face, which will spin until Jester has decided which face best fits his mood.

What has Jester done? Hmmmm, pretty much nothing. Like I said, he sits around and looks cute. He's kinda like the decoy, from what I can see. He's the little spy. He has no real weapons and rarely wanders off on his own. Jester does have a thing or two going for him though. In his past life, he was a book-keeper, so this makes him an intelligent adversary. Also, Jester is very thin and small, which makes him very light, so he's quite speedy and fits easily into hard-to-reach places. A good example is in Puppet Master V, where Jester and Pinhead come across a small air vent, of which, Pinhead is far too large to fit. Jester, being much smaller, is able to go through and into the puppet master's {Rick} room. Jester is also keen on knowing where to hide. He often sits in places he feels the safest. In Puppet Master II, one of these places is the dumbwaiter. Either that or it was a laundry chute. Who can really tell? In Puppet Master III, he stayed in the safety of the puppet chest, and later on the fireplace surrounded by his more powerful teammates.

Jester, as I said before, rarely wanders about by himself. Not having any weapons makes him quite vulnerable. And, with that costume, it's kinda hard to go unnoticed. So, Jester often hangs out with his buddies. Pinhead seems to be his favourite companion. He perhaps feels most comfortable with a stronger teammate to make up for his own lack of strength. Not to say that Jester isn't strong. In Puppet Master V, he displayed quite a bit of strength saving Pinhead from one of the thugs. If Pinhead is nowhere to be found, Jester's second best companion is Blade. He often stands very close, and sometimes even hides behind his teammates when near them. A good example is Puppet Master V, where he his behind Blade, until Blade walked away, leaving him somewhat behind the couch.

Jester has made an accomplishment or two. In Puppet Master III, he unlocked the laboratory door for Toulon, and stabbed a doctor in the leg with a scalpel. He also cut the phone cord in Major Kraus' office. Also, in Curce of the Puppet Master, he assisted Blade is slashing up one of the cops. However, he serves best as a decoy. How he got such a stinky job, I dunno. Jester just kinda sits where he'll grab the enemy's attention long enough for one of the other puppets to strike from behind, up in the air, or below. His teammates are always quick to defend him when he's in a bind. As usual, Pinhead and Blade are usually the first to act. I kinda think Blade has an interest in Jester because,as Dr. Hess, he showed a lot of interest and awe at the fine artwork and had he privilage of holding him.

Jester is kind of spoiled. He is obviously the affectionate one, and enjoys being handled, but only by familiar people. He's not too fond of sudden approaches by strangers. A good example is Puppet Master III, when a little boy, Peter, reaches down to touch him. He shows little struggle being held by those he knows and trusts. this sometimes gets him in trouble. He was cradeled in Puppet Master II, but, with that same trust, has his face busted temporarily in Puppet Master I. Jester also has a spot of his own, a throne Toulon had made especially for him. Jester does not always take advantage of such a gift, but uses it most in Puppet Master II. It's a pity, he looks so cute in it.

He is perhaps one of the oldest puppets in the group, but is always treated as the baby of the group. Again, he is coddled and cradled, and his feelings are often reflected upon. The puppets seem to go to a lot of trouble to keep him out of trouble, although Jester is happy enough just staying by blade, Pinhead, or keeping the puppet master company. As far as closeness goes, Jester's feelings for Pinhead's friendship if far outdone for his devotion to Toulon. His presence is enough to put a smile on the face of any puppet master, except for Gallagher, who really disliked him.

Jester was made really as a way to keep him living on. Hans Seiderman was a very close friend to Toulon in life. Now, when they say he was a book-keeper, it could mean as a librarian or as an accountant, I'm not sure which. However, Hans was a very humorous man and loved to play practical jokes and make people laugh. His jesting, however, was not all to the liking of the Nazis, and he was shot. Toulon placed his life essence in a puppet he had made to remindhim of his friend. And, hence, Hans Seiderman, the mild mannered joke-playing book-keeper became Jester.

The comic books make Jester out to be something totally different. He was the first puppet to come to life and was always thought by Toulon as his child. He is often called " Little One" by Toulon and often carries a flask with which to collect brain matter. As for how it always is...I'm not sure. I've not had the privalage of reading them all yet. when I find the page again, I will post the URL to the page so you, as well, will have the pleasure of reading them.

We're not done yet. Keep an eye on us and we'll finish up the page in a later update.




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Well, through my generous net buddies who donated some pics to me through the years. I suddenly thought to myself during the construction of this page....gee, Jester sure looks kinda lonley. Maybe I should give him some jester buddies to keep him company. So, here they are, not Puppet Master, but jesters.

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