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Last Updated: 11-25-02

Hey, I'm ALIVE! A whole year later and I'm finally gonna do something to the site! Say goodbye to the old Akhetaten's Gates cuz I'm putting up a whole new set of pages! Oh yippie, more stuff to take forever to update!

All of the old stuff is being booted off the site. I'm just gonna focus on fanfiction, fanart and anime as well as my mailing lists of course. However, by now you should have memorized the Web Map for AG, so, you can still see the old stuff there. Otherwise, say bye-bye cuz new stuff is coming up.

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Dont worry, I'll be moving these babies shortly.

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Welcome to the NEW Akhetaten's Gates which is under construction. The last site was WAY too big and I didn't have enough time, motivation or interest to keep it up. I'll keep the old stuff up, but you have to know where it is cuz I'm not linking it anymore.

Look for stuff on anime....not just any anime will do. I'll be focusing on certain series and certain characters cuz I only have so much time and motivation. But look for things on this site from and for:

Inuyasha: An anime about a hanyou {half demon} dog and a girl named Kagome and their struggle to retrieve shards of the Shikon no Tama. Not as flashy art-wise as some anime but a very nice plot and the story is nicely written out.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Another anime about a 10 year old girl named Sakura Kinomoto. She, with Meilin, Li Syaoran, Kero, Yue, and Tomoyo, must collect and transform the Clow Cards in their town of Tomeoda, Japan. Pretty nice series.

Gravitation: I like this anime...I'm still collecting them online so this will take some time. It's about a band called Bad Luck and focuses around the lives of the lead singer, Shuichi and his love for Yuki Eiri, a novelist. Yep, this one is a shounen-ai anime. Shounen-ai = Boy-love.

Yu Yu Hakusho: One of my all-time favorite animes about a boy named Yusuke Urameshi and his adventures as a spirit detective along with Koenma, Botan, Genkai, Kuwabara and two demons: Hiei and Kurama.

Mummies Alive!: An American cartoon about Presley Carnavon, a boy who was a Pharaoh Prince in a past life named Rapses. However, in modern day San Fran. Presley is being stalked by Scarab, an evil ancient sorcerer {and his talking walking stick Heka}. But four mummy guardians raise from the dead to protect him until the Pharaoh comes for the soul of his son.

Dir en Grey: My favorite J-Rock band. I'm not sure what I'll have that pertains to them BUT, I'll think of something.

X-Men Evolution: The new hit X-Men series on KidsWB. The mutants of the X-Men and Brotherhood are mostly all teenagers and attending High School. Along with dealing with their powers they have to deal with teen issues and choose if they are X-Men or one of the Brotherhood. {Go BOM!}

On this site, I have mailing lists that I run. Not all of them have flashy web-pages, but some do. I'll have a page for all my fanart and artwork for my own manga/anime storyboard series. I'll even have a page for fanfiction as well as a support page. The support page is where I'll be putting my awards, and banners and icons to not only my pages but the pages of those I either support or have joined. Just because you see the icon doesn't mean I'm a member, but I support that group. Support defined not as financial, but with good faith and hopes that they succeed.

I'll be putting up links as I move things about and find some of the older things. There may be some broken links but I'll try to fix that too.

WARNING!!! This site may contain sexual images. This is NOT a porn site nor do I support porn. However, there may be sections of my site that contain references to sexual contact, profanity, yaoi/shounen-ai {boy-love male/male relationships}, Shoujo-ai {girl-love, though very unlikely}, and probably other wierdo things. Again, this is not a porn site nor do I condone it. All my sexual art is done with taste/class and does not show off genitalia or anything super explicit. I consider basic nudity to be art in itself, so please have an open mind when surfing my site.

Is this it? Maybe. It depends how I feel. I'm quite creative and love to keep busy. Keep an eye out for frequent updates.