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Links to freinds sites

[http://www.angelfire.com/nj3/aurorestes] - This site is Drew's new site, and he is just going to put up whatever he feels like putting up. Drew's sites are always kick ass, so check it out.

[http://members.xoom.com/leelou343/index.htm] - This site is called LeeLou MoveeLand. This site is also a really good web page. This place has whatever you want to know about movies and a poetry section too. Site made by Katie

[http://www.angelfire.com/nj2/riotlove] - This site has some poetry and has a good look to it (I love the bg). Site made by Corinne

[http://ww.angelfire.com/nj3/anyanime/index.htm] - This is Siobhan's site about anime (who doesn't love anime?)


Links to other cool sites

[http://www.robzombie.com] - official Rob Zombie web site.

[http://www.robzombiedirect.com] - official Rob Zombie on-line store.

[http://www.houseof1000corpses.com] - this is the official web page of Rob's new movie!

[http://www.zombiejuice.com] - its not really about Rob Zombie, but about zombies, this is one of my favorite sites so check it out.

[http://www.metalseek.com] - this page has a bunch of links to cool metal sites, you can rate the sites too.



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