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     Everyone should hopefully know by now that there is no one has found a triforce in this game. Until someone finds it, I'm going to belive that the people who made the game never intended for us to find it, or it's not there at all. However it's still fun to listen to stories about some lucky gamer that happend to one day stumble upon the triforce and is now telling everyone about it but no one will belive him. It's fun to get cought up in a story and go sift through all the rumors trying to find the triforce and maybe you will find it, but I'm not going to look any more. Been there, done that. There are some pretty convincing stories out there but most are proven wrong.

Do you believe it?
This is from Nintendo Power. Do you believe it? - Submited by Josh

Pretty good picture of what It would look like to get the triforce. Too bad it's a fake.

Here it is up close.

     Here are a bunch of screenshots from the game that never made it. I've collected these from other pages to bring them to you and do not claim any of them as my own.


This is a picture of the original Hyrule market place. The main building you see is the Happy Mask Shop.

Blade Beam

This is Link's Blade Beam attack. Too bad it didn't make the final cut.

Impa's Horse

This is a picture of Link racing after what looks to be Impa's horse.

Unicorn Fountain1 Unicorn Fountain2 Unicorn Fountain3
Unicorn Fountain4

These are pictures of the Unicorn Fountain. Neat huh... Look at the triforce on them.


This is a picture of Link on Epona in some sort of fairway or maybe a race track.



Triforce Icon First, enter your name as Nabooru, and play up until the Spirit Temple. When you talk to her, she will say "That is what I am called. I like you, so I'll do something really good for you if you get the gauntlets for me." When you get the gauntlets, everything will happen as usual, and she will get caught by the witches. Complete the Spirit Temple and she will give you the medallion AND a slip of paper. Take this slip and go to the horseback archery range. Give it to the Lady there and she will tell you that since you rescued Nabooru, then she will give you her horse if you can get 2000 points. Get 2000 points and she will say "You are true master, bla bla bla, I want you to take my horse, she is called Lightning. Take Lightning, she is real fast. Get all 100 Skulltulas and all 36 heart pieces and then go beat the running man. He will say you cheated and he will try and run away. Get on Lightning and run after him. Follow him into Lonlon ranch and then play the song of storms before you talk to him. He will now give you a boss key w/ a blue stone and say that all you need to do is play the somg of storms and lightning will come (like eponas songe) and the song of storms will change to lightning's song on your subscreen. Take Lightning back and trade her for epona again. Ride to lonlon ranch and show malon. She will say "I am glafd you are taking care of her. " Then she will ask if you want to try her obstacle course. Start and get off epona. Play lightnings song and she will come. Gte on and ride her, then swap back just bfore the finnish line and you will get a new record. YOU MUST DO IT IN UNDER 40 SECONDS w/ lighning this is not hard. Ride lightning to Gannon's castle and play as normal. When you get to the last door, there will be another one on the other side and you can open it w/ the blue boss key You will come out in front of gannon instead of behind and he will call the parts of the triforce. Then he will throw a real big lightning bolt at you. Dodge and calll lightning. And it cant hurt you. Run under him and try and get it to bounce back at him. When it hits him he will die and the triforce will rise up and you can get it and you can see the real ending.


Triforce Icon Go right round hyrule and blow up every single gossip stone exept the ones in front of the Temple of time. Now go to your house and play the nocturne of shadow. Go to lon lon ranch and play the song of time for malon. Go to the windmill and play the song of time. Now go back to your house and dark Link will be sitting on your table. Play Saria's song and then talk to him. He will teach you the overture of the sages. Learn it, because it will not appear on your sub screen Go to the temple of time and play the overture of the sages in front of the 3 spiritual stones and you will warp to the sacred realm. You will be on a bridge and you can see the triforce, but then Gannon drops down from the ceiling and you have to fight him again, and when he dies you can get the triforce.


Triforce Icon To get the triforce you must have more than 70 skulltula and have all the items in the game.(including all of the bottles) You also had to go to the bottom of the well after you've beaten the Forest Temple, and before you enter the Shadow Temple.If you have what I've said above then go to Link's house and put your eye of truth on, by the ladder you will see dark link. Talk to him and he will teach you the song of sages,be sure to memorize it because it will not show up on your quest status.Then warp to the temple of time and play the song of sages.You will then warp to a big blue box,play the song of time and then the box will open and you have the triforce.


Triforce Icon If you throw a bomb into the very center of the lava pit that the castle is floating above, it will open a hole to the Temple of Light that the triforce is held.


Triforce Icon Hey heres the only place you can get the triforce! 1rst use the levetating trick and go to Gerudo Valley as a Child.float up the river until you get to the water fall at the top.float above it and fly strait until you see a peace of land(The Rest of the land was etited from the game PLUS it takes 20 days and nights in hyrule time to get there!)go to it and read the markings on the godesses statues that will say " If you seek the goldan triangle that holds power you must go to the fortress and seek for the princess of Hyrule." This will take along time to do because you have to float above the fortrass until you get on the mountain it should have a drop off but float strait until you reach a weird courtyard in the sky. You'll have to float above it cause theres no way to get in without the key.(you cant get it i looked)Zelda should be there crying her eyes out until you speak to her.She will say( ..............Link!(or whatever your name is)is that you?! Oh im so happy you found me but how did you get here?never mind that but i need to tell you something. Did you get it?(Navi will fly up to her and say "get what?")Get the triforce of power!(Navi will say no)Then Ganondorf hasnt got it yet!(She will tell you a story about the triforce and ganondorf.When shes done she will give you a key to the place you went to before that had the godesses statuesin front.when you go back a cutscene will come on and the key will float away from Links hands and turn gold and open the Door.When you enter You will see three empty slots 1 holding the triforce of power.walk up to it to start a battle.When you are going to get it a giant force feild will engolf the room making it turn into a tie dye like color around the room a creature will fall from a beam on the ceiling.It will make a loud horrible bloody murder scream.this will make you fall on your butt.Then place starts to shake then when he quits he pulls on to gargantuan swords.Navi will try to help you fight this creature that has no name.The creature will swing his sword at navi cutting peice of her wing off wich makes links very mad.Link will scream realy loud but wont make the place shake.when he screams it will awaken the goddesses making them come into the fight.They will talk to you and explode into dust and form into a sword called " Goddesses Blade." Grab it and attack the creature youre sword will glow very bright making it hard for the creature too see but not link! Swing at the creaturesback killing him another cutscene will apear and the force feild will dissapear and the creature will burn for awhile grab the triforceand when you try to leave navi will say how could you forget me?!you will go up to her and pick her up. Go back to Zelda and tell her the good news she will say thank you and give you a hug she will say now that Gaondorf is gone(Oh yeah i forgot it will show ganondorf explode into dust.)I guess i dont need She will give you the triforce of wisdom and you will glow in power the game will end and you will be flying in the sky with the Godesses and all Hyrule is saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps. Navi will be healed! ^_^

-Submited by Tammy Mccafferty


Beat the game and have everything! Get all the Golden but the one

Triforce Icon


Triforce Icon After you beat Ganondorf, the walls crumble and the castle begins to shake. As you may have noticed, Ganondorf's body lies there. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FOUR BOTTLES OR ULTIMATE BLUE POTION!! Shoot 25 Light Arrows at his head. Use the Blue Potion to refill your magic power when you run out. Watch the time while you're doing this! After you're done, run as quick as you can to the Stalfos Room (You should have enough time left!) Defeat the Stalfos, and stand at the blocked doorway (NOT the one Zelda opens..the other!) and play the Song of Time, followed by Zelda's Lullaby and then, by Saria's Song. Talk to Saria and the door will open. It leads to a bridge. Cross the bridge and go over to the opposite side of the lava outside the castle. Stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. The Triforce of Power escapes from the evil clutches of Ganondorf and comes to you. Ganondorf is sucked away to the evil realm and gone FOREVER. Zelda thanks you for all your help and presents you with her piece of the Triforce! Hyrule is restored and Zora's Domain slowly thaws. You can actually see the water dripping and the ice about special effects. Hyrule Castle reappears and all is peaceful.


Triforce Icon To get the triforce do as follows, beat everything as a kid but do not time warp!! If you do you can not get the triforce. Okay, go to lake hylia and get a ride with the owl. Now during the day try to get in the castle and when you get in there will be 2 guards and barrels to the right jump on the barrels and jump past the guards and go to where you find zelda and someone will teach you the song of sages. This will warp you to the chamber of sages where rauru will ask you questions and then eventuly let you see the triforce.


Triforce Icon The REAL way to get the triforce.. along with some other things to go along with it. First, (this is the easy part...) Beat the game. After going through the credits and getting to the golden THE END screen with young Link and Zelda, wait. A little while later an 8 note song will play, similar to the Bolero of Fire. REMEMBER THE TUNE BY HEART! Next, start a new game. I had the game as ZeldA but chances are it isn't necessary. play the game until you get the ocarina from Saria, then go to Hyrule Castle and get into the castle the usual way. When you get to Zelda, PLAY THE SONG! This will change the conversation between Zelda and you. Basically she tells you about a sequence of events that will lead you to where the Triforce has been hidden(notice that you never actually SEE the Triforce once the gate of time is opened, because of it's location in the Sacred Realm.) Continue playing the game until you can talk to the owl(I forget his name) at Lake Hylia(like Zelda tells you.) He will not offer to take you to the castle, but he will give you a new song(you have to remember this one, too.) that you can play to take you to ANY location in Hyrule, which includes the Death Mountain crater, the front door of the castle, the island at the center of Lake Hylia, the top of the large stone at the top of the waterfall in Lord Jabu-Jaru's palace, on top of a stone pillar outside of the Desert palace, the top of the shed in the corner of Lon Lon Ranch, and right outside the Forest temple(don't ask me why, there's nothing there but Saria). The first thing you do after this is use the song to call the owl and take you to the castle. Go out when the guards are distracted by the big bird, and do not get caught by any of the guards. Go up the ladder in the gate (this is the ONLY reason it is there, because the fall will not harm you if you roll), and walk over to the gargoyle on the top of the gate, and talk to it. notice that it is the owl) Instead of telling you the time, it will tell you to head to the Death Mountain Crater. You play the owl's song, and use him to get there. Now when you get there the temple has no rocks in the way and is not in ruin quite yet. Don't worry about the timer, you won't be in there for long. You go in, and find no enemies there yet. Go straight to the dragon's lair, which is now a large lava lake without the big island in the middle. You see a cinema where Ganondorf is above you, about to wake the dragon with a charged magic blast but before he does this he sees you and throws his magic at you instead. This not only causes you to fly back out of the room, but will wake the dragon and also solidify some of the lava, creating that island in the center. So all of the events still happen in the future. Ganondorf isn't finished yet. He hasn't killed you with his shot, so instead of chasing you down, he creates the Shadow Link (aka Evil Link and Meta Link) which still looks exactly like you in your young phase and sends it down onto the island to chase after you(brilliant reflection special effect on Shadow Link) and you quickly run out of the temple to escape. You play the owl's song automatically and escape Shadow link for now. You then land on the top of the Lon Lon Ranch shed.The owl tells you he will no longer fly you to the crater and flies off. You now see that there is a small hole you can fit through on the roof. Drop down in, and you land on a small wood ledge with a small music box on it and a note you automatically read. You play the box(remember the tune) and then it breaks while you play it the second time. Drop down off of the ledge, exit the shed and play the owl's song, then go to the top of the stone in Lord Jabu-Jaru's Palace and play the song you had just learned. the camera zooms over to the frogs, which start croaking loudly(this continues on any time you return to Zora's domain and is dully heard from Lord Jabu-Jaru's Domain) Go to the frogs; they will tell you that they heard that song before from Lord Jabu-Jaru after he had seen the Hyrule Loach in Lake Hylia. Of course, the Hyrule Loach is in the fishing pond, so call the owl after leaving Zora's Domain and fly there. Once you enter the pond don't pay to fish, but go to the stream with the crack and play the music box song to have it crumble open. This leads to an underground passageway with a pool of larger fish than the ones in the fishing pond. Go back and ask to fish, the price is now 50 rupees. Go to the new pond and catch a 49 pound fish and take it to the man to weigh. He'll say he's proud of you and will GIVE YOU HIS HAT! So much for trying to catch it by your rod. Go out and call the owl, and go to the Desert Palace. You will meet Nabooru and she'll comment on your strange hat(the fishing guy's) She takes the hat from you and you are given "the Song of the Gerudos" which you must memorise. Now play the game regularly until you get Medigoron's Blade(yes, the one that breaks), and don't use it. Get to the Desert Temple(you can't use the owl's song as adult Link) and when Nabooru is attacked by the two witches you'll be able to play the Song of the Gerudos, which will stop the witches and will free Nabooru. She'll thank you, and Ganondorf will then apppear to "fix everything." This is where you have ONE CHANCE to use the blade to reflect the shot fired at you by Ganondorf back at him. When he gets hit he will try again, but you will be able to play the owl's song now and the owl will USE MAGIC to block the shot and save you. Ganondorf gives up on you, not knowing the source of the powerful magic. The owl has been crippled and tells you that he is the first sage, that he had taken form of the owl to help save Hyrule from the potential evil of abusing the Triforce's powers. He turns back into a sage and goes back to wait to use his powers when the time comes, but before he leaves he gives you the song that will send you to the Sacred Realm(remember it). Use it as a kid, and you'll be able to fight Ganondorf in a really amazing battle with him as he uses the full potential of the powers of the Sacred Realm to teleport and hit you with a strange pulse attack. The best thing to use on him are bombs, so get a lot before the battle. He will be wiped out of existance once he gets too weak to use the power of the Sacred Realm, and you'll be able to go to the Triforce. The only thing is that you won't be able to pick it up, because the owl will tell you to leave it where it is, safe in the Spirit Realm.(they did a real nice job fixing up that scene from the end of A Link to the Past and the 64 Beta) What do you get out of it? Besides entertainment, you can go to Hyrule Castle as an adult and see Zelda in that time, the Market is the same as the past, Zora's Domain is never frozen over, and all of the Sages have returned to their temples, which are fixed up now.


Triforce Icon I totally know how to score some serious Triforce-ness. First, you have to enter your name as Plompy. This will give you amazing farting powers. You have to go trough the game blowing every boss away with those deadly farts of doom. Then after you do that, the Owl comes down and totally scores you some beans. DON'T CHUG THOSE BEANS JUST YET! Go to Lon Lon Ranch and eat some grass with the horses. This will turn you into a Spider Monkey. Now, go challenge Gannon, he will step on you because you are a spider monkey, but then you need to whip out those beans of death and use them. You will unleash the mother of all farts, and blow Gannon around the world 2309572.235 times (I know, I measured). This kills him and when Zelda comes to score you a kiss, you fart on her (by accident) and kill her because you had too many of those beans. After all this sadness has happened, you go back to the Ghetto and people throw there houses (cardboard boxes) at you, this kills you and you die. Then you come back to life as a printer cartridge. Then you print out a copy of the Triforce onto one of those cardboard boxes. TU-DA!! YOU HAVE SCORED SOME SERIOUS TRIFORCE-NESS!!


Triforce Icon Hey everyone, here is how to get the triforce. First, you must beat the game five times in a row without turning the power off. The fifth time you reset it, you will hear Ganondorf laugh before the N64 sign comes up. Start a new game and enter your name as this: "zElDA". Play the game without saving up to where you become an adult. When zelda and Impa come riding out on the horse, Zelda will turn to evil and you must fight her! She's easy though... to beat that is. She will come to her senses when you defeat her. She will then tell you the triforce is in the temple of time. Go to the temple of time and fight ganondorf there. you must have your items like this, C-left=bommerang, C-down=bombs, C-right=slingshot. Beat him by hitting him with the slingshot, he will fall to the groung. Then bomb him 13 times. the music will then switch to the mario theme and mario will come out and give you the triforce. But when you try to walk out, bowser will stop you and you will have to fight him by using the boomerang. After that,the triforce is yours to keep.


Triforce Icon Ok here is how you can get the triforce and I have pictures too . First you have to beat the game once like normal. Then go on the beat game file and go to the temple of time as an adult and turn into a kid then leave the temple. Go back in and turn into an adult then a kid again . Go get the mask of truth and run outside to Hyrule field and wait for the running man to stop at nightime.Talk to him with the mask on and he should say "Thats neat but i like the bunny ears better" or something then wait till morning and let the guy run until nightime again and talk to him again and hell say the same thing. Repeat this 6 more times and the sixth time he'll say "Hey follow me I know where is!" and run to the Kokiri Forest. Run to the forest and he wont be on the bridge so go in the lost woods and go through the maze until you get to the part were Mido usually stands when you are an adult but the running man will be there instead. Talk to him and he will say "give this to a Gerudo and she'll give you something good in return and he will give you a peice of paper. Go to Gerudo valley and the gerudo is blocking the bridge still so give her the paper and she will let you in. Go in Gerudo valley and go to where a carpenter is held prisoner when you are an adult and the owl will be in the cell!. The owl will say to you "I will teach you something good if you get out of here OK?" and the yes and no thing will appear and you can choose either one but he will help you anyways. After you talk a gaurd will come and you have to beat her for the key and let the owl out and he will teach you a song called the sacred meadow melody. Check your quest status screen and the top row of songs will still be gray but the bottom half will be all black colored notes!! all the songs are the same except Sarias song will be gone and it will be replaced by the meadow melody so play the melody on the ocarina and it will ask "do you want to warp to the meadow ?" say yes and you will start warping. When the scene appears you will be in a big meadow as adult link! you can use all your kid items still.If you play epona's song you can travel on her but if you look closely in the distance you can see a castle so start riding towards it. When you get so you can see it better it will show a cinema were Epona stops and Link gets off her and looks into the sky to see Gannondorf using magic to blow the castle up! Gannondorf will dissapear and you can control Link so go over to the rubble of the castle.(By now this was creeping me out) You will see a warp thing like wehn you beat a boss but it is green light instead of blue and when you go in you will be in a bubble not a diamond.You will appear in a dark dungeoun like place on the triforce symbol.When you walk forward some a cinema will start were the ground starts rumbling and you see the Three Goddeses float up from the ground and look at Link. Gannondorf will appear out of nowhere and the goddesses will make the Triforce appear and a whole new battle music will start and the whole dungeoun turns black except red spot lights around the place. You will suddenly turn into a kid and a battle will start vs you and Ganon. The cool thing is the three Godesses are watching the fight the whole time! You do the same thing as Gannondorf and Phantom except he shoots them faster and you have the kokiri sword! After you hit him enough he will fall and the blue stuff goes around him and a cinema will play with link floating into the air and he turns into an adult again. You will be able to walk over to Gannondorf and use the master sword and he will start moaning and a bright light will cover the screen and you hear Gannondorf screaming. When the scene comes back electricity will be surging around the room and it is almost all black except the triforce Link and the Godesses's. Link will turn into a kid again! and walk over to the triforce (in a cinema)and the electricity is still around . the electricity will calm and a small blue light will form near the Triforce and it will floatt into the air and split into the peices again and they will all dissapear and it will show Links hand with the triforce on it.The screen will switch to the goddesses and it will freeze and say The End???? then it restarts the game and when you choose your file it will show that you have three hearts a little magic meter and all the medallions and ...THE TRIFORCE!!!???.


Triforce Icon I don't know how it happened but one day I was at my grampa playing his zelda game and he was in the gerudo place in the jail cell they through you in when you get caught I used the long shot and look out from my position and on the ground a few feet away from the window was a black stallion I asked my pap about it and he just said it was epona. Well I got on it and rode it around for a while. It had a lot more carrots and I could pull out my sword also while I was on it (by also I mean I could still pull out my bow). When I rode out of the fortress I was on epona and whenever I went back in I would be back on the balck stallion it had a real fancy sattle but once I turned the game off and then turned it back on the stallion was gone. I was devestated because the horse was very fast.

-Submited by Cyndee


Triforce Icon Lots of people have talked about it so here it is. First you beat the entire game without dying. Then you use the Moon Jump to get inside the castle. Then you stab and kill Zelda with the Biggoron Sword. Then bust through the window behind her and kill the king. Finally you go through a maze to find the purple cow. Pick it up with the Golden Gauntlet and behind it is the Triforce.

-Submited by Josh

That's all for now. Come back for more later.

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