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     As you already know, there are a ton of glitches in this game. I'll try to bring you all the latest to this page so keep coming back to this page.

Swordless Link Glitch

Triforce IconThe very first glitch you must learn is how to lose you're sword and use your items on Epona. First you must fight final form Ganon and at the begining when he knocks the Master Sword away, save the game with your sword gone and reset the game. Your sword is now gone untill you either select it on the menu or put it back in the stone.

NOTE:this glitch along with any others that use this one will only work for the older vertions of the game. The more recent ones are fixed, sorry.

Items on Epona Glitch

Triforce IconUsing the swordless link Glitch, while on Epona you can use all the items with the same effect except when used you'll fall through Epona. The Longshot shoots and if sticks to something, it won't come off. You'll have to get off Epona and fly around untill you touch the area you shot at. If you touch the ground while flying, the game will freeze. The Fairy Bow and any arrow will shoot as normal.

Become Epona Glitch

Triforce IconUsing the swordless link Glitch, fall through Epona and you can now run around while controlling her. Press the "Faster" button and you will mount thin air then magicly appear on top of her. If you ride her into the Lon Lon Ranch and fall through her you can control her while Link is running around in the background.

Enter Hyrule Castle as a kid Glitch

Triforce IconAs a kid go to Hyrule Castle to the spot that says dead end. Here's the hard part. you must get up onto the grassy hill to the north side of the pathway. Do this by stradling the edge of the corner and slowly walking up to the top. to help you, line the "B" button up with the polygone line. Once you've finally made it, proceed towards Hyrule Castle, but don't slip off! At the highest point, carefuly edge your way around the castle. Once you see the water run towards it and you'll end up in it. now look around but be careful not to go through the wall untill your ready.

Enter Ganon's Castle as an adult Glitch

Triforce IconGo to to Ganon's Castle as an adult then go to the right side of the gate. Now aim the Long Shot at the gate wall. It's the only wall you can grapple to in the area. You should aim for the top part so that you when you fall you'll end up over the wall. Once in side it's hard to see, just walk to the right and soon you'll be able to see. Funny. it looks a lot bigger from the inside, huh. Not to mention it had a floor.

Frozen Navi Glitch

Triforce IconFirst, Go to the Temple of Time and read the insription on the pedistal with the three Spiritual Stones then do a backflip on to it. Stand in between the Gorgon's Ruby and Zora's Saffire facing the Kokiri Emerald. Play Saria's Song and after you've talked to her, the Temple will become eerly darker and Navi will be frozen. Hurray!

Farore's Wind Glitch

Triforce IconUsing the swordless link Glitch, you can now cast Farore's Wind on Epona anywhere you can get her to! This will not work with the running man, I've tried it. He'll just say that you're cheating.

Invisible Staircase/Farore's Wind Glitch

Triforce IconUsing the swordless link Glitch, ride Epona to Gerudo's Valley. Next fall through Epona and walk off the edge into the canyon. As you fall, you'll notice your running down an invisible staircase. Cast Favor's Wind before you hit bottom and when the spell is finished, it will be invisible.

Invisible Grudos Glitch

Triforce IconUsing the swordless link Glitch, go to Gerudo's Valley with Epona. Enter the Horseback Archery Game and when it starts fall through Epona, now wander around the place. All the Gerudos are gone and if you enter the training ground, it will take you inside the Thieves Hideout!

Invisible hat Glitch

Triforce IconGo to the Fishing Pond as an adult and pay to fish. Catch the Fisherman's hat and go get the Sinking Lure. The hat will disappear, now go give the hat back and it will appear again.

Bring the Fishing Pole out of the Fishing Pond Glitch

Triforce IconGo to the fishing spot and pay to fish. Put on you Hover Boots and run into the water and while you're hovering cast the line. You can now move around but you can't see where you're going. Blindly make your way to the door and leave. Once outside, You can change your fishing pole into a Deku stick, just push "Start" twice. By the way, NEVER PUSH "B", the game will freeze!

Phantom Notes Glitch

Triforce IconFirst, press Start and select a song you've learned. While the song is playing, hold up on the control stick and when the song is over, exit that screen. Press any note button and if it worked you can now play songs while using weapons.

Shield Glitch

Triforce IconAs a child equip the Hylian Shield then press and hold "R". Press start and equip the Deku Sheild. Press start and now you'll be hovering, ooh aah.

See through Link's eyes Glitch

Triforce IconThis allows you to play the game through Link's Perspective! First do the Swordless Link trick and get on Epona. Take out your hookshot or bow and shoot. Next, throw a deku seed and you will be in links perspective. You can now see the bangs from the top of your head you can run around like this.

See through Epona's eyes Glitch

Triforce IconFirst do the swordless Link trick then hop on Epona. Have your deku nuts equiped to a "C" button. While riding uphill hold "Z", then press the "C" button with the deku nuts equiped on it. If the camera stays behind Epona you when you fall off you did it right. Now the camera will stay behind Epona instead of you. Press "A" when you want Link to reappear on screen.

Unbreakable Deku Sticks Glitch

Triforce IconGo to any place that has a cliff and another cliff beside it. Jump off the cliff with a Deku Stick in your hands. Press the C button that has the Deku Sticksand he will do a double damage swing with it. Half will pop off but you will have half of a stick that is unbreakable!

Useful mask Glitch

Triforce IconIf you wear the bunny mask while outside in the Hyrule Field, the skeletons will not come out. If you wear the skullmask in dungeons, bats won't bother you!

Play Your Sword Glitch

Triforce IconGo to a drop off and get a useless item (like a fish in a bottle) and put it on the bottom C button. Then jump off the drop off and push B and the bottom C.If you do it right Link will swing his sword and when he lands the sword will be I his mouth like the ocarina is. It really plays but the pitches are weird.This is very hard to do so if it doesn't work the first time, don't give up.

Rock inside of you glitch

Triforce IconGot a cool glitch. Some people might not know this but if you go to goron city as an adult and put on your hoverboots and stand in frount of the block with rocks that form a circle,And stand to the side facing the door to enter the city, and you push forward to jump on the ledg,Now When your on the ledg your hoverboots'will be glowing and if your fast pick up the rock close to you and stop,let link drop and the rock will be in side of you and you can walk around.

NOTE: dont press any button or link will throw the rock.

20 Bottles Glitch

Triforce IconOk, make sure you have at least one bottle in your inventory and the item you want to change to a bottle(warning:do not use Bombchus unless you have gotten through the barrier at Ganon's Castle where you need them!)Then, select a bottle and put it on a C button.Go to a fairy Fountain and swing at a fairy. when you see the bottle in about mid air, pause the game and select the item and replace it with the C button bottle. unpause the game and voila'!! More than four bottles!!!!!

Blinking Ocarina Glitch

Triforce IconWhen you do the 20 bottles trick and replace your ocarina of time with a bottle. Later on when you play the game the part were the ocarina used to be is now flashing rapidly. I'm not sure what this means but its weird. (note:dont do this trick because you wont be able to get you ocarina back)

-Submited by Brianna Anderson

Ocarina of Time Glitch

Triforce IconI know how to get the Ocarina of Time before getting the Spiritual heard me right. This is what you must do. You know the get 20 bottles trick... Before meeting Zelda for the first time...replace the Fairy Ocarina with a go meet Zelda. When Impa teaches you Zelda's Lullaby you will not pull out the Fairy Ocarina, you will pull out the Ocarina of Time.

Get under the ice in Zoras Domain Glitch

Triforce IconI have discovered how to get under the ice in Zoras Domain. For this trick you must have swordless Link trick. First get on Epona and go to lake Hylia, go to where the pillars are and position Epona so she is facing in the direction of the now frozen entrance to Zoras domain. Equip the iron boots and push the ocarina button so that you aren't on Epona slowly walk forward so that you don't cause Epona to neigh and walk backwards. Keep going until you fall in front of the entrance, now push the A button, but right after you do that pause and switch to the Kokiri boots before you actualy mount Epona. You will now be sitting in the water but re-equip your iron boots so you have enough depth to switch boots back and swim toward the entrance to Zora's Domain. If you did it right you should warp to Zora's Domain, once there quikly equip your iron boots so as not to rise to the surface.

Get in Deku Tree w\o sword and shield Glitch

Triforce IconFirst start a new file and begin a game in the Kokiri Forest. You know how Mido always blocks you from leaving the Kokiri Forest or getting to the Deku Tree until you have the Kokiri Sword and Sheild. Well you can get past him by tricking the N64 itself! Here's how to do it. First get as close as you can to Mido. While gently pulling up on the left side of the Game Cartridge while the N64 is on push up on the control stick. Don't pull it out too far or the game will crash. If you do it just right you will go past Mido and end up in the passageway to the Deku Tree or even better yet you can get past the guy blocking the western passage and get in the Bridge that leads to Hyrule Field! Remember to push the game cartridge back down so all the garbled noise goes away. Once you enter these places you will have no sheild and sword. You will meet saria like normal and receive the Fairy Ocarina.

Different Way to Get Past The Great Mido

Triforce IconThis is actually the original "Get Past The Great Mido"glitch. But I have found an improvement. I was having a hard time lifting the left side up so i decided to experiment. Before you turn on OoT, lift the ENTIRE cartridge up about a centimeter. Then start your game. When you get to Mido or the guy guarding the bridge where you meet Saria push foward on your control stick. Then pull the cartridge towards you slightly who should become invisible and hear a really annoying sound. keep pushing foward and you end up going past them. When you have past them, push the game cartridge back in and continue your game play like normal.

-Submited by Josh W.

Rock Head Glitch

Triforce IconYou need a gameshark for this codes to work. The code you need is the levitation one. You need the golden gloves too. first have the GS code on, then go to ganon's castle. go by where the rocks are then pick one up. then use the gs code w/ L. when you land link can walk around ganon's castle as usual w/ a rock on his head!

-Submited by Goober

Stunned Pup Glitch

Triforce IconFind lil' richard in the market & bring it to the lady in her house. The pup will sit there & you can push it around the house.

-Submited by Goober

Link Freezes Glitch

Triforce IconGo to the Temple of time as adult Link and go to the Pedestal of time then Press R, L,and A at the same time.

-Submited by Ben Silverman

Horse With Two Heads Glitch

Triforce IconGo to Gerudo Valley with Epona, go in the archery area where the Gerudo woman and the horse is. Take note of where the horse is standing. Play the suns song to make it nighttime and take epona to where the horse was during the day, try to postition Epona in the right place. Play the Sun's song and go to the horses. They should be stuck together and they look like they have two heads!

-Submited by pojohead

More Than 20 Heart Containers Glitch

Triforce IconOk, just start a new game with the "Start With 20 Hearts" code provided by the Gameshark. Watch the beginning movie and when it's done, save the game and turn it off. Start the game with your guy but without the Gameshark. Go around and pick up a heart container. You should get 21 hearts. Just keep picking up heart containers to get a total of 37 hearts.

-Submited by Jeff7316

Galloping Link

Triforce IconDo the swordless link glitch then go to Zora's Domain. Go under the waterfall on the ice but not through the waterfall. Once you've done that, keep backfliping to the corner of the wall and keep doing that so it will look like he's gallpoing.

-Submited by

More than 100 Skulltulas

Triforce IconGo to the castle as a kid and play the song of stroms at the tree just south of the milk containers. Go down, kill the Skulltula but dont get the token just yet. When the token appears stand right next to the platform. Get out the boomerang throw it at the skulltula. Now stand on the platform. It will bring you back up but before that the boomerang will come back and it should only say a couple of words then stop. When you go back down the hole again the Skulltula will be there. (Save before you do this)

-Submited by Shea E

Nothing But Sky

Triforce IconAt Zora's river and go to where the land ther makes little bridges. Go to the one that is broken in the middle. When under it, walk strait into the part of the brige that has land under it. Keep walking until your head disappears. Now use the look button to look through the wall. There's nothing but sky and you can see the moon go down and rize. It's cool!

-Submited by John Roy

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