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Wanaque Police Patches - 1950's - current

second issue patches

These two patches date back to the ice 1960's - early 70's.

Third, fourth and fifth patches of the WPD

The patch on the left was issued in the early 70's then was replaced briefly by the patch in the center. The gold border design was re-instated with a dark blue background and was in service until it was replaced by the current style in 1996.

Current WPD patch

The current patch was issued in 1996. It is identical to the prior patch except that the incorporation date, 1918, was replaced with "N.J." to give state recognition to the patch.

Special Unit patches

Special Police patches

Old style and new style patches.

Civilian support patches

Wanaque Reservoir PD patches

The Wanaque Reservoir PD was disbanded in 1999. The hat patch on the right is very rare. To my knowledge, there were only 12 of these patches made.

This page is dedicated to the memory of John E. Bulaga, JR.

November 7, 1965 - September 11, 2001