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In Memory Of My Girl, Sandi

Sandi came to me by way of the local animal warden who discovered her tied to a tree in the middle of the woods. She weighed only 55 pounds and was scared of everyone.
The animal warden asked that I stop by for other business one day and that was when I first met Sandi. Although she shied away from others at the pound, she came right up to me. The warden informed my that the dog was already on barrowed time as she was a few weeks past the "hold" date. He said that he would be putting her down the next day.
I had just put my other dog, Sheba, to sleep a few months before and I didn't think I was ready for another dog. I left the pound and went home for lunch. It was a tasteless meal as all I thought about was that beautiful animal who was about to die because nobody wanter her. Before the last bite of lunch was in my mouth, I was headed back to the pound to get her.
When mother got home from work, she was furious to find another dog in her house. It took such a long time for her to warm up to this new dog (all of about 15 minutes). As a matter of fact, it was mother who came up with the name "Sandi".
From day one, Sandi did not like to be in the house. She would run from the back door to the front door and that was enough for her. Because of this, I built a large dogrun in the backyard for her. I also bought a dog house and insulated it for her. I even when as far as to put vinyl siding on it, using pieces left over from when we had the house done. This was Sandi's home for the six short(very short) years that I owned her.
Sandi died on May 14, 1999 after going into seizures due to a large mass that formed on her kidney. She is sadly missed but she will never be forgotten.

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