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WWF No Way Out

The WWF's PPV, No Way Out, has not yet occurred. The card will be posted as it is available. For now check out the results of the WWF's last PPV, The Royal Rumble.

Live from: Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York
Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry 'The King' Lawler

Tazz defeated Kurt Angle
Fans were anxious to find out just who was Kurt Angle's "unnamed mystery opponent," and they didn't have to wait long as the Olympic gold medalist appeared just as the Royal Rumble kicked off. As Angle announced that he was going to be the Madison Square Garden crowd's hero for the night, the fans responded with a chant of "we want Tazz." And it was Tazz they got! In a one-on-one encounter, it was the man from the Red Hook district in his World Wrestling Federation debut against Angle, who was trying to maintain his unbeaten streak. Tazz more than lived up to his nickname of the "Human Suplex Machine," as he delivered variations of suplexes never before seen in the Federation. Tazz ended up winning the encounter after knocking out Angle with his controversial sleeper hold maneuver. Angle was completely unconscious and had to be wheeled out on a stretcher. Later, as medical technicians attended to him, Angle clearly couldn't remember anything about the match, as he asked them if he had won.

Tag Team Table Match: Hardy Boyz def. Dudley Boyz
In the first-ever Tag Team Table Match, the Dudley Boyz battled the Hardy Boyz. Knowing that it was going to be a brutal encounter, Matt and Jeff Hardy forced Terri to stay backstage. The Hardys brought the crowd to its feet when Matt brought a ladder out from underneath the ring. After clobbering Buh Buh Ray Dudley with a chair, Matt placed him on a table outside the ring. Matt climbed the ladder and Jeff positioned himself on the top rope. The Hardys delivered their patented leg drop/splash combination, sending Buh Buh Ray through the table. After Buh Buh Ray recovered, he got his revenge by powerbombing Matt off the second rope and through a table. Buh Buh Ray later made his way outside the ring and stacked two tables on top of each other near the entranceway. He climbed through the crowd to the top of the entrance way to splash Matt, who was unconscious and lying on top of the tables. However, Jeff saved his brother by low blowing Buh Buh Ray and the clobbering him with two shots with a steel chair. Matt rolled off the top of the two tables just before a woozy Buh Buh Ray stumbled off the top of the entranceway and through two tables! Then Matt grabbed D-Von and put him on another table. Jeff, still standing up above the entranceway, jumped off and delivered a Centon bomb, sending D-Von through the table! By putting both Dudleys through tables, the Hardys were awarded the victory!

Miss Royal Rumble 2000 contest: Mae Young wins
Next up, it was time for the Miss Royal Rumble 2000 bikini contest. After Howard Finkel announced the judges - Federation legends Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea, Fabulous Moolah, Johnny V and "Classie" Freddie Blassie and "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" sidekick Andy Ritcher - Jerry "The King" Lawler took over and introduced the participants. Ivory, Terri, Jacqueline and B.B. all shed their robes one-by-one to the delight of the crowd. After Luna refused to take her clothes off, it was The Kat's turn! The Kat removed her robe to reveal a bubble-wrap bikini underneath! Lawler thought the competition was complete, but then Mae Young made her way out! She insisted that the crowd wanted to see her puppies, and she began peeling off her top. She succeeded in whipping out the puppies, but luckily Federation censors and "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry were able to block out most of it. However, Young apparently impressed the judges, who unanimously named her Miss Royal Rumble 2000!

Triple Threat Intercontinental Title Match: Chris Jericho def. Chyna and Hardcore Holly
The title of undisputed Intercontinental Champion was up for grabs in a Triple Threat Match involving Hardcore Holly and the current co-champions, Chris Jericho and Chyna. After Jericho was tossed out of the ring, Chyna dropped Holly with a Pedigree, but Hardcore kicked out! Later, Chyna locked Holly into a Boston Crab, but Jericho came from behind and delivered a bulldog on Chyna. He followed up with an Asai moonsault off the second rope and pinned Chyna to become the undisputed Intercontinental Champion!

Interview with The Rock
After the match, Michael Cole conducted a special interview with The Rock. When Cole asked if The Rock was concerned about any of the Royal Rumble competitors, The Rock said he was a little worried about Crash Holly and Headbanger Mosh! After dismissing Cole by telling him to go make a tall glass of "shut up juice," The Rock put all kidding aside and guaranteed he'd win the Rumble.

Tag Team Championship Match: New Age Outlaws (champions) def. Acolytes
The Tag Team Championship was on the line as the Acolytes challenged the New Age Outlaws. The Acolytes had the match won, but the referee was knocked out and couldn't administer the three count. Fellow D-Generate X-Pac made his way to the ring. His presence was quickly eliminated after a Faarooq spinebuster, but X-Pac distracted the Acolytes long enough for Billy Gunn to enter the ring and drop Bradshaw with the Fame-asser. The referee recovered and the Outlaws won the match and retained their titles. Street Fight for the Federation Championship: Triple H (champion) def. Cactus Jack
In a New York City Street Fight, Triple H defended the Federation Championship against the most sadistic of the Three Faces of Foley, Cactus Jack. After battling through the crowd and down the entranceway, the superstars returned to the ring area, where Cactus reached under the ring and pulled out a two-by-four wrapped in barbed wire! Triple H managed to get the bat away from Jack and bash him in the back and stomach, but eventually Jack got hold on it and clobbered Triple H's head with it. The champion ended up bleeding profusely from the head, and also from the left calf, where the barbed wire had scratched him badly. Cactus took Triple H to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler's announce table and went for a piledriver, but Triple H countered into a backdrop, and the table collapsed. Back in the ring, Triple H hammed Jack's legs with the barbed wire. He grabbed a pair of handcuffs and, in a flashback to last year's Royal Rumble, cuffed Foley's hands behind him back and pummeled the defenseless Jack with his fists and a steel chair. But Cactus seemed to be enjoying the pain and he encouraged Triple H to hit him again. As Triple H wound up, The Rock appeared and hit Triple H with a steel chair of his own! While Triple H was down, a police officer unlocked Cactus from the handcuffs. Jack brought Triple H to the Spanish announcers' table and delivered a piledriver. After tossing the champion back into the ring, Cactus went beneath the ring again and pulled out a bag of thumbtacks! Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came out, apparently to warn Triple H of what was going on. Cactus hammered Triple H, trying to knock him into the thumbtacks. When that failed, Cactus charged at the champion, but Triple H ducked and delivered a backdrop, sending the challenger flying into the tacks! The champion followed up with a Pedigree, but Cactus kicked out! So the shocked champion walked over and delivered another Pedigree, this one on the bed of thumbtacks! Triple H got the victory, but it was he who had to be carried out on a stretcher. Incredibly, Cactus got up and chased after the champion. He grabbed Triple H's stretcher, wheeled him back out to the ring and hit him one more time with the barbed wire! Then, with thumbtacks stuck in his forehead among many other places, Cactus got up and walked out!

Royal Rumble Match Highlights
After all the thumbtacks had been sweeped up, the Royal Rumble Match got underway when the first two participants, D'Lo Brown and Grand Master Sexay, hit the ring. Headbanger Mosh was No. 3, and right after he entered, Kaientai attacked all three participants. Kaientai wasn't even in the Rumble, but they got a few punches in before being escorted away by Federation officials. Nobody was eliminated from the match until Rikishi Phatu hit the ring at No. 5 and promptly tossed out everyone except Grand Master Sexay. Scotty Too Hotty entered next, and the three superstars put on their dance to the delight of the crowd. Rikishi followed up the dance by clotheslining both members of Too Cool and tossing them out simultaneously. After all, the Rumble is every man for himself. Rikishi then tossed out the next two participants to hit the ring, Steve Blackman and Viscera, respectively. In all, Rikishi was single handedly responsible for the first seven superstars to be eliminated. After Gangrel entered at No. 12, Kaientai struck again, but were quickly tossed out again just as quickly as they appeared. In fact, when the Big Boss Man threw out Taka Michinoku, Taka's landed head first with a sickening thud and had to be taken to the hospital. Bob Backlund was a surprise entrant, as the man who is running for Congress in Connecticut entered at No. 14. He teamed up with the six other superstars remaining to toss out 400-pound Rikishi. Backlund was then eliminated by the superstar who followed him, undisputed Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho, who was No. 15. However, Backlund didn't return to the locker room. Instead, he started walking through the crowd, apparently looking for prospective voters from Connecticut. Chyna was the first woman ever to compete in the Rumble last year, and this year she was the first to compete twice, as she entered at No. 17 and went right after Chris Jericho, and suplexing him up and over the top rope. But Chyna didn't have time to celebrate as Boss Man knocked her off the ring apron and eliminated her. After Faarooq entered at No. 18, the Mean Street Posse, all of whom were not in the Rumble, ran out and attacked him, Kaientai-style. The boys from Greenwich were quickly tossed out, but they softened up Faarooq and Boss Man promptly eliminated him. After Val Venis entered at No. 21, Funaki of Kaientai appeared yet again but was thrown out by Boss Man. The Rock was No. 24 and Big Show followed at No. 26, and both superstars tossed out two men each within seconds of entering the ring. In all, the superstars both eliminated four competitors. Bradshaw was No. 27, and in a deja vu moment, the Mean Street Posse appeared to attack him. The Acolyte quickly tossed them out, but he turned his back and the New Age Outlaws clotheslined him over the top rope. Funaki reappeared after the Godfather entered at No. 29 and was immediately tossed out by Al Snow, prompting Jim Ross to comment that Funaki has been eliminated from the Rumble more than any superstar in Federation history. After X-Pac entered at No. 30, the elimination process accelerated. Road Dogg was tossed out by his own tag team partner and then Big Show eliminated Mr. Ass. Kane ducked under the bottom rope and went after both Outlaws as they retreated to the locker room. So all the referees were distracted when The Rock threw X-Pac over the top rope. X-Pac re-entered the ring and eliminated Kane before the Big Show picked up the D-Generate military-press style and eliminated him. Big Show and The Rock were the final two competitors in the ring. The Rock delivered a spinebuster and a People's Elbow, but the Big Show recovered and hit a chokeslam. Big Show draped The Rock over his shoulder and went to toss him out, but The Rock held on to the top rope and the Big Show's momentum carried him up and over the top rope! The Rock was declared the winner! But when the Great One grabbed the microphone to declare that he was going to WrestleMania, the Big Show returned from the locker room, clobbered him and threw him over the top rope! The two superstars stared each other down as Royal Rumble came to an end!

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