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Smackdown! Results

March 02, 2000
Trenton, NJ
Commentated by: Jerry "The King" Lawler & Michael Cole

Too Cool got the party started off right this week on SmackDown! by grooving their way down to the ring. Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty teamed up with Chris Jericho to take on the Radicals. Perry Saturn was able to steal a victory for his team in this highly competitive six-man tag match. The Grandmaster had the match won after a "Hip Hop Drop" but the official was distracted by the melee on the outside of the ring. During this time, Benoit hit with a flying headbutt, allowing his partner to get the pin.

In one of the most amazing matches in the history of the Light Heavyweight Division, Jeff Hardy defeated Essa Rios via DQ after Lita hit with a moonsault. After the bell, the champion had some harsh words for his female counterpartÖ(but they were in Spanish and El Tigre is in Canada on assignment for so we donít really know what he said.)

Shane made his way to the ring accompanied by the Big Show so he could explain why he had to get involved at No Way Out this past Sunday. Claiming that he learned from his fatherís mistakes with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shane said he had to make sure The Rock never got to the "icon" level that he appeared headed towards. The first-born McMahon feels the WWF can not have an egotistical, prima donna champion and it is his responsibility to make sure that doesnít happen.

The Rock made his way out to answer back by challenging Shane and Show to a handicap match, however Rikishi appeared to offer his services. All parties accepted and a main event was set.

Crash Holly successfully defended his Hardcore Championship match by defeating Tazz. To his defense though, not only did Tazz have to deal with Crash, but he also had to fend off the Big Bossman and Prince Albert.

The Road Dogg and X-Pac picked up a big victory over Christian and Edge. While Edge was busy arguing with Terri on the outside, X-Pac connected with a low blow on Christian and immediately got the win. After the match, Edge and Christian got in a heated confrontation, which turned a bit physical.

In an intense match, Test pinned Viscera after an elbow drop from the top rope.

In a match made earlier in the evening, Kurt Angle defeated his "former hero," and former WWF Champion, Sgt. Slaughter.

There arenít too many superstars who can hold their own against the WWF Tag Team Champions, but Kane is one of them. The Big Red Machine was disqualified for chokeslamming DíVon through a table.

Before the main event got started, Shane dropped a bombshell Ė he would not be competing in the match, but in his place, Triple H would team with the Big Show! This match was as tense as any youíre going to see, and in the end, The Rock dropped a Peopleís Elbow on the WWF Champion and covered him for the win! After the match, SmackDown! went off the air with Shane and Stephanie McMahon arguing, showing there is still a lot of emotional tension between the McMahon family.


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