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Monday Nitro Results

Commentated by Tony Shiavone & Mark Madden

Nitro opens up with a recap of last weeks Nitro. Clips of Jarrett showing Sid what he was up for, and then the clips move to Thunder, in Sid's Triple Threat Theater match, including the infamous bat incident.

We are then seeing the nWo backstage, saying that after tonight, Sid will think last week was a cake walk, Jarrett says after tonight, Sid will be begging to get rid of the belt.

In the ring, Three-Count is advertising a chance for a lucky girl to win a date with them. Their music keeps getting flodged up, and slowing down, and Shane Helms is getting pretty annoyed with it, as is Evan and Shannon, it is making them really frusturated. We are shown Norman Smiley in the production truck messing with their music, calling them a bunch of no talent idiots, Mark Madden says he's dissapointed, all he listens to is Three-Count and Led Zepplin.

Match 1: Evan Karagis w/ Three Count vs. "Screamin" Norman Smiley
Norman hops into the ring with Hockey gear and a hockey stick. Evan kicks Norman down immediately, and Norman retaliates with uppercuts and punches, the fight attempts to move outside the ring, but Karagis rests on the ring apron, and the fight continues in the ring. Norman attempts a standing twist, but ends up Spanking Karagis. Evan doesn't like it, and attacks back. Evan Karagis hits a sunset flip on Norman, but it's reversed, Norman covers and wins.
Winner: Norman Smiley

Post Match: Norman challenges Three Count to he Handicap match at Superbrawl.

Tony Schiavone and Mark Madden are alone at the table tonight, Madden looks Tony look Thin...Seriously. Tonight, Terry Funk vs. David Flair in an "I Quit" Match. Tonight, we will hear from Total Package, Demon vs. Kidman, Booker vs. The Wall, Stevie Ray will face Disco Inferno. Madden says count on Jeff Jarret being the next champion.

Backstage, J. Biggs is telling the cops to search through wrestler's bags. Also, the nWo is coming to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Out back, there is a black limo sitting, nothing happening however, a chauffeur steps out of the limo, but out of this limo, some nice women, 3 women and Ric Flair!

The nWo music starts, and the whole nWo sans Hart and Nash come out. Scott Steiner is dressed up like a Pimp, or something tonight. Madden is sucking up, it's not funny...Hall is on the mic, and refuses to do the survey. A Harris boy says that they are here to give a wake up call to everyone in the back. We've got to understand that we better stay out of the nWo's way, because if we don't, were gonna get hurt. What we don't realize, is what is standing in the ring tonight, is the elite, and no matter how hard we try, we cannot, and will not get rid of them. Big Poppa Pump says that when he's in town, all the hooches are around, but last night when he was proving that he was the king of the night, tells one of the women to say what it's like to be with the purple warrior. Pump takes his shirt off, he's lost size. Steiner says that last week, he say a 53 year old with more loose skin than a shaved puppy say he's still the man. Steiner says Flair should take that money to fix his crooked yellow teeth. Steiner continues to bash Flair. Steiner says that when people saw him, they turned the tv to WWF to watch Stone Cold, Steiner gets some words bleeped out, and says WCW Sucks, and so does Flair.

Jarrett gets back on the mic, and since were back in Slapnutz country, and since he's still acting commissioner, he's going to send a special message to Sid. Jarrett isn't done with Sid yet, he's going to pour some gas on this fire, Jarrett says he's picked the referee, Mark Johnson. The match is also no DQ, so Sid can't keep the belt with a DQ. Jarrett says Sid has to wrestle, Scott Hall in the main event tonight, Scott fakes a limp, but Jarrett says that he's been cleared to wrestle tonight...I bet this leads to the breakup of the nWo, Jarrett says this Outsider will be all up his ass tonight. Scott Hall doesn't like the idea.

Booker and Midnight are walking backstage, Booker without the flame trunks, but he says no one can take his dignity!

-Commercial Break-

Gene is in the back, talking to David Flair about his I quit match against Terry Funk, Gene talks about how his father made history in 1989 in the same match, Flair talks while making sense.

Leave it to Beaver starts up, and BOOKER and Midnight come out.

Match 2: Booker vs. The Wall
Booker hits the Harlem side kick right off the bat, and goes to the middle rope for the ten punches of doom. The Wall is disorientated but charges out of the corner with a running lariat on Booker. The fight goes to the outside ring area. Booker hits some knife edge chops and right hands on the Wall near the steel guardrail, back inside the ring, Booker hits a sleeper hold on the Wall, but Wall powers out of it, and slams Booker to the ground, twice. The Wall goes to the top rope, but wastes alot of time, and off the rope, recieves a Harlem sidekick on the way down. Booker T hits the Axe Kick, and then break dances up, and hits the Rock Bottom, then goes to the top rope, but he is slamed down by The Wall. J. Biggs and the cops come down to interrupt the match, and gets caught in a chokeslam by the Wall, and the cover and win. J Biggs sends the cops in to arrest Booker. Biggs says that he is being charged with assault and battery, attempted murder, etc. . . The cops take Booker away.
Winner: The Wall

Backstage, Brian Knobbs is pissed off at the nWo for trying to outsmart him, Jarrett says if he was paying more money, he could of wrestled Finlay, but Jarrett says he will be in the same ring as Fit tonight. Tonight Knobbs will wrestle Bam Bam with Fit as the ref...But Brian Knobbs doesn't know that.

Arn and Terry Funk are arguing, Terry Funk is mad at Arn.

-Commercial Break-

2XS is backstage, talking about their big plans for tonight, challenging the Mamalukes to a title match.

Barbarian is in the ring, and Nitro continues to look more like Saturday Night.

Match 3: Barbarian vs. Tank Abbott
As we can see, they are starting to feed Tank Abbott tougher, stiffer competition, I predict a matchup with Meng soon. The two men start throwing punches at each other, Tank punches Barbarian into the corner, but Barbarian wont go down, instead he knocks Tank down to the mat. Barbarian goes down, but Tank hits the right hand on Barbarian, and the ref calls for the match, Barbarian is knocked out.
Winner: Tank Abbott

Big Al, Tank Abbott's former bodyguard is shown in the crowd looking at Abbott.

The Demon's casket is backstage, and Crowbar walks up to it, and does a Gene Simmons impression in front of it, but runs when Daffney screams.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Kidman is talking to Torrie on KidCam.

Oklahoma comes out to the ring, to a big Oklahoma pop. Oklahoma says he's here in an official capacity, as Jeff Jarrett has named Oklahoma to organize a new women's division in WCW. Oklahoma was born to spearhead this division. "Now we all know, Women have no place in wrestling, i've proved it many times, but bless their hearts, they keep trying to make it, so i'm going to make it easy for them. He says that he will be personally present for thorough medical examinations for every woman on the roster, this is bad news for Madusa. Oklahoma brings out Waywood Jeter m.d. a plastic surgeon. He asks the Dr. if he has done any work on Madusa, but he can't say, because of Dr./Patient confidentiality, he's done his Nose, Eyes, Lips, and he augmented Madusa's chest too, Oklahoma asks if he Augmented Madusa's ass, and he has. Oklahoma says there is nothing natural about Madusa, Madusa walks out. Madusa yells at the doctor and slaps him down, and then hits a front kick on Oklahoma. Madusa breaks a clipboard over Dr. Jeters head, and the stomps to his groin. That accomplished nothing.

Flair is backstage walking to the ring with his women.

Mean Gene is talking about the Executive Committee who has been meeting for hours, and Terry Taylor has a huge announcement after the break.

Crowbar, Daffney and David are walking to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Gene is talking to Terry Taylor, and they have decided that tonight Scott Hall and Sid will fight in a World Title match, Jarrett is getting pissed off at his decision, but Hall is laughing at it.

We are shown clips of Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair from 1989, where Flair won the match.

Match 4: I Quit Match Terry Funk vs. David Flair
Funk has a mic, and asks David if he knows what he's getting in to, David just stares at him, Funk gives him one chance to say "I quit", but Flair said he'd go to hell before he quits. Funk is telling Ric Flair to get out there and face him, but David Flair comes up behind him and whacks him with a chair, and keeps hitting him with the chair, Funk doesn't even flinch, Flair is telling Funk to quit. Funk falls out of the ring. Flair goes underneath the ring for a table, Funk whips Flair into the steel guardrail, and then Funk exposes the concrete floor by taking off the mats, Funk hits a pile driver on Flair, and tells Ric to get out there before he kills his son. Flair says he wont quit, Funk piledrives Flair on the concrete. Funk takes Flair on top of the table, and piledrives him through the table. The crowd chants that they want Flair. Funk pulls another table out from the ring. Funk sets Flair on another table, and hits him with a chair shot across the back. Funk says Ric Flair has 5 seconds to get out, before he splashes Flair through the table. . .Funk says he doesn't need to beat on the kid anymore, he'll quit tonight, but he wont quit when it comes to fighting Ric Flair. Funk quits.
Winner: David Flair

Arn Anderson asks Mike Tenay for a camera crew, for an answer.

-Commercial Break-

We are shown clips of moments ago, when Funk was manhandling Flair.

Arn Anderson is talking to Mike Tenay backstage, and Arn isn't happy. Last Thursday, guys like Terry Funk and Ric Flair made Arn proud to be a wrestler, he says Terry Funk didn't need to use Funk as a pawn and beat him up, and Flair didn't have to let it happen, and Ric Flair was back dancing around, when he should of been a father. Arn says he's stepping out, what he just saw made him sick, and he's not taking sides this time, he's out.

Match 5: Stevie Ray vs. Disco Inferno
Stevie Ray erupts on Disco Inferno, whipping him into the rope, and hitting a big boot on him. The Mamalukes get in the face of Big T, and the Referee force splits them up, Charles Robinson gets back in the ring to do his job. Disco Inferno hits a russian leg-sweep on Stevie. Stevie goes for his Slapjack, , Disco hits a swinging neckbreaker, Stevie hits the wrestling slapjack on Disco, covers and wins.
Winner: Stevie Ray

The nWo is backstage, Jarrett and Hall are talking, Scott says even if he wins the belt, it stays in the family, he tells him not to worry about it, he's going to soften Sid up.

Gene is talking to Sid, Sid says it doesn't matter who they put in front of him, he will eliminate them one by one.

-Commercial Break-

Ric Flair says that Arn is in over his head now, and that he has something special for Arn now. Ric gets into his limo with his women.

Match 6: Hardcore Title Match: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Brian Knobbs w/ Special Ref: Fit Finlay
Bam Bam comes out with a hamper full o' goodies and a ladder. Brian Knobbs and Finlay come out, Knobbs with taped fists, gets hit by a flying trash can from Bam Bam right from the start. Bam Bam hits a trash can lid over Knobbs' head, Bam Bam throws Knobbs into the corner of the Safety Rail. Excuse me, that isn't a taped fist, it's the arm Luger broke last week. Bam Bam sets up the ladder in the corner, but Knobbs throws him into the ladder, but the ladder falls on Brian Knobbs. Knobbs hits the trash lid on Bam Bam's head, and follows it up with a Kendo Stick. Knobbs drives the ladder into the gut of Bam Bam, Knobbs charges the corner with the ladder, but Bam Bam puts his feet up, and kicks him, Finlay hands Knobbs a trash can on the top rope, and hits Bam Bam over the head, Finlay makes a fast count, after Bam Bam hits Knobbs with a chair, to crown a new champ!
Winner- New Hardcore Champ: Bam Bam Bigelow

Backstage, Lane and Idol taunt the Mamalukes, and get attacked.

Kidman is walking to the ring for his match against the Demon.

-Commercial Break-

Gene is talking to The Cat backstage, asking where he was, Cat says he was on the road with James Brown the Godfather of soul, Cat says that James Brown is coming to Thunder to watch him Whoop somebody, he tells Gene to grow some hair.

Match 7: Kidman vs. The Demon
Kidman comes out with Torrie, very nice this evening. The Demon comes out, and we are see Crowbar jamming to God of Thunder backstage. Kidman charges at Demon, but Demon lifts him up and drops him down. Demon hits a leg drop on Kidman, Follows up with a double underhook takeover, Demon goes to the middle rope, but takes to much time, Kidman moves out of the way, Kidman hits a Tornado Bulldog on Demon, Demon with a double armed DDT on Kidman, Demon with a side slam on Kidman. Demon climbs to the top, but Kidman was playing opossum, and knocks him down. Kidman hits a Frankensteiner from the top rope, and gets the win. Crowbar runs into the ring and attacks Kidman, and beats down on him. Crowbar boys down to the Kiss demon.

Luger and Liz are walking to the ring, Luger has a Hulk chair.

-Commercial Break-

Hall and the nWo are backstage, Hall says he's going to hurt Sid and the chosen one will take care of him at Superbrawl.

Luger is in the ring, talking about Hogan, and kinda shooting off on him, Luger is really intense tonight, Luger says since Hogan isn't in the ring right now, he wants to have Jimmy Hart, Hogan's friend to come down so Luger can deliver a special message. Jimmy Hart says he doesn't work for Western Union, so he doesn't deliver messages, but he's Hogan's best friend. Hart says that Luger is just a Hogan wannabe, he will never sell out as many arenas, or sell as much merchandice as Hogan did. Hart says more people watch Hogan get his mail, than people show up to see Luger fight at House Shows, says if he wants to talk to Hogan, he has to talk to him in person. The Fans chant Hogan. Luger says Hogan doesn't have the vicious streak of the Total Package. Luger hits Hart, and racks Hart. Luger says that once Hart goes to the doctors, he will see Hogan at Superbrawl. Luger takes the chair to Hart's arm, and he leaves the ring.

Scott Hall is shown backstage walking to the ring.

Sid is also walking.

-Commercial Break-

Main Event: World Title Match: Sid Vicious vs. Scott Hall
Scott Hall comes out to Wolfpac music. Sid chokeslams Scott Hall one minute into the match, Sid wouldn't cover though, Hall rolled on his stomach, poked Sid in the eyes, Hall hit the fallaway slam on Sid, and Knocked out Nick Patrick accidentally. Hall calls out the troops, and they all start to beat on Sid. Sid and Hall battle onto the announce table, Jarrett looks to walk away pissed off, Jarrett stands on the ring steps, Hall gets in the ring, Jarrett walks away. Scott Hall hits the Outsider's Edge on Scott Hall, Jarrett comes back with his Guitar, Jarrett pushes Hall off, and whacks him with the guitar, Jarrett puts Sid on top of Hall, and goes to revive the ref, Sid gets the pin, and win.
Winner: Sid Vicious

The nWo confronts Jarrett, Jarrett tells them that they are either with him or that bitch in the ring. Nitro ends.

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