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ECW on TNN Results

March 3, 2000
Milwaukee, Wiscconsin

The show opened with Mike Awesome doing a promo. He spoke of Spike Dudley taking Jeff Jones out and said that he was gonna kick Spike's ass and give him a beating that's "Awesome."

(1) Mike Awesome beat Spike Dudley to retain the ECW World Heavyweight title at 6:15. Spike destroyed Awesome with a chair early in the match. Spike did the ten punches in the corner and then did the rana out of the corner that he always used to do on Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Awesome fought back and threw Spike over the top rope through a table on the floor... [C]... When they came back from the break, that's when the match started getting good. Awesome hit a series of powerbombs on Spike, but couldn't put the gutsy little guy away. Finally, he set up a table in the corner and powerbombed Spike through it for the pin. Good match, particularly the final three minutes. The match time excludes the time taken for the commercial break.

Masato Tanaka did a promo in Japanese. Why don't they use subtitles like the Japanese promotions do with American wrestlers? Dawn Marie chastised him for being too loud while she's trying to concentrate. Masato grabbed her and tried to kiss her, but the Impact Players attacked him before he could do so. Lance Storm and Justin Credible laid Tanaka out. [C]

Steve Corino and Erik Watts were in the ring. This isn't very thrilling for me. I remember 1992, when I was 12 years old, Bobby Eaton was a true favorite of mine. Oh, the fun it was to watch him pound on Tom Zenk every week! But then, on one cold November night, a rookie puke daddy's boy came out of the woodwork and made Eaton tap out like a jobber. It was on that night that I knew that there was no Santa Claus, and that the Easter Bunny was little more than a myth made up for the purpose of selling more chocolate eggs. I lost my smile and spun into a deep depression because of that. As for Bobby Eaton? Well, he never won another match again. Okay, back to the present - Corino said he hand-picked Watts as his opponent, and did so because they're so much alike. They don't believe in people going through tables, nor the art of people getting bashed in the head with a steel chair. Corino talked about how Bill Watts carried Dusty Rhodes and how they drew sold out houses everywhere. Corino said he wanted to give the fans an old fashioned Texas Bullrope match. Gertner piped in, saying "What is it that Bill Watts used to say? Let's string em' up!" Styles piped in and corrected Gertner saying "It's hook em' up!"

Corino talked about how the Crusher was from Milwaukee and said that everyone knows Crusher was a homosexual. As Corino ripped on Milwaukee, the referee took his mic and said that he's from Milwaukee and that Corino wouldn't last an hour on the streets of Milwaukee. Corino KO'd him with the cowbell from the bullrope. Corino, Watts, and Lou E. Dangerously put the boots to him. Corino challenged Dusty to a bullrope match. Corino said everyone knows that Dusty killed Jim Crockett Promotions, he was the reason the WWF almost went bankrupt in 1989, and that he was the one who cut the brakelines on Magnum T.A.'s car. Corino said he wanted Dusty to say that he (Corino) is the new American Dream. Watts and Lou E. rubbed Corino's elbow. Gertner said that Corino was "Living Dangerously." God, I hate it when they use the name of upcoming PPVs in pun fashion. This was Corino's best promo to date. [C]

The announced upcoming dates. [C]

(2) Super Crazy beat Yoshihiro Tajiri and Little Guido in a Three Way Dance at 8:40. The typical hot match that these three always provide. Tajiri pinned Guido at 5:23 with a brainbuster to eliminate him. This left Crazy vs. Tajiri. Crazy missed an Asai moonsault on the floor when Tajiri moved, but Crazy landed on his feet, only to be hit with a superkick. They traded near falls before Crazy hit an Asai moonsault (Jericho style) in the ring for the pin at 8:40. [C]

Cyrus and Rhino were walking around in the back. Cyrus mentioned that Three Way Dances are ratings killers. Rhino speared some guy into the lockers. I'm not sure because they didn't get a closeup, but it sorta looked like Joey Matthews.

In a piece from Hardcore TV, they showed Francine in the ring telling Dreamer that he DDT'd her on purpose last week. Francine said Dreamer has probably been planning for months to get rid of her. Francine said she got Dreamer over. As she bragged, Styles said she was full of herself. Dreamer told her to take her fake bleep and get out of Cincinnati. She slapped Dreamer. Dreamer was gonna piledriver her, but Raven saved her. Raven and Francine left Tommy lying. The Impact Players came out and did a number on Dreamer as well. Masato Tanaka made the save. This led to an impromptu match.

(3) Masato Tanaka & Tommy Dreamer beat Lance Storm & Justin Credible to win the ECW World Tag Team Titles at 4:50. Tanaka and Credible brawled in the crowd for most of it, as Dreamer and Storm stayed in the ring. Dreamer hung Storm in the tree of woe and stood on his crotch. Note to Tajiri: You can no longer use that move or legal action will be taken! copyright(c) 2000TommyDreamer. Dreamer hit a DVD on Storm through a table in the corner. Justin whacked both Dreamer and Tanaka with his cane. Tanaka fought back and hit the "Diamond Dust" on Credible for the pin to win the titles. So-so match. End of show.


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