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Tidbits From The Tower

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Delaware Bay Lighthouse Cruises

For lighthouse lovers, the exciting DELAWARE BAY LIGHTHOUSE ADVENTURES cruises are available. Tour Information. Departing at 1pm, the five-hour cruise will explore six lighthouses that are only visible from the water. Visitors on the cruise will hear narration on Delaware Bay lore and legend and information on fishing, spawning grounds and more. The tour includes a generous buffet with shrimp, crudite’, cheese and fruit trays, and finger sandwiches.

Saturdays: September 7 and 21

These boat cruises are co-sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) and the Cape May Whale Watcher. To order tickets, call 609-884-5404 or 800-275-4278.

New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge 2002

Mark your calendars!! Tenative dates for the third annual Lighthouse Challenge are October 19 and 20, 2002. Click here for the 2001 Lighthouse Challenge pictures.

Sea Girt Gets Lens

New Jersey’s Sea Girt Lighthouse again has a Fresnel lens, something the lighthouse hasn’t had since World War II. Unfortunately they had to spend $20,000 to buy it and it came all the way from Australia. The committee purchased the lens from an Australian Antiques dealer. The 40-inch high lens came from the Crowdy Head Lighthouse in Australia where it was used from 1920 to 1970. The lens will be put on display in the interior of the lighthouse and the group still is looking for a Fresnel lens to put back into its tower.

Watch the Lighthouse Tilt

The State of New Jersey is planning on installing some type of device at Barnegat Lighthouse to detect any movement in the tower. The Army Corp of Engineers says the lighthouse is now tilting 22 inches. The tilt is not considered dangerous at this time, but the state wants to monitor the structure to see if it continues on its course of tilting or if the movement has stopped.

East Point Lighthouse Opening!!

The New Jersey Lighthouse Society has announced that the East Point Lighthouse will be open the 3rd Sunday of each month from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

Hudson River Lighthouse Series

Special guest writer Fred Fragano has sent us Parts 1 through 4 of 8 of his series entitled "Hudson River Lights.
Little Red/Jeffery's Hook Lighthouse - Added 1/02
Tarrytown Lighthouse - Added 2/11/02
Stony Point Lighthouse - Added 4/09/02
Esopus Meadows Lighthouse - Added 5/31/02

Mystery Mug Name Irks Lighthouse Lover

Occupational Shaving Mugs were utilized in barber shops up until about the 1920's. They would bear a hand painted picture of the owner's occupation, and usually his name, and would remain in the barbershop on the mug rack and would be taken down and used by the barber to shave the owner of the mug. These mugs are extremely collectible, and the pictures of the occupation: butcher ; policeman ; wallpaper hanger, etc. are admired for their folk art appeal as well as for good examples of collectibles of early barbershop lore.

If you were trying to think of one of the more unusual and scarce occupations to be depicted on a shaving mug, Lighthouse Keeper would have to rank right up there. It depicts the SHIP JOHN SHOAL LIGHT with the following initials across the caisson: "U S L H S". The name of the mug owner and consequently the keeper of that light, is painted across the top of the mug as follows: "G. E. BUTLER". The painted date of 1919 is next to the name. My question to you very astute folks out there is as follows: "Who is G. E. BUTLER, and where was he from, New Jersey or Delaware ?" (and no, I'm afraid I don't have the answer yet either because I haven't as yet run it down). Apparently, information on keepers from the US Lighthouse Service is pretty scarce. Seems to me though that someone out there might know the family name from either side of the river...

If you have an answer or can help, please e-mail this web site, or

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