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Miah Maull Shoal Lighthouse - 1913

The last offshore lightstation established in Delaware Bay was constructed in at Miah Maull Shoal, southeast of Egg Island Point. The shoal is named after Nehe-miah Maull, who drowned there in an eighteenth-century shipwreck.

Miah Maull Lighthouse is a cylindrical, cast iron tower painted red; it stands in nineteen feet of water and has a focal plane of fifty-nine feet. Like the Ship John, Elbow of Cross Ledge, and Brandywine Shoals lights, Miah Maull stands on a cast ironcassion filled with concrete, the design best suited for this waterway. The light was automated in the early 1970s and continues to function today.

Location: 7 miles South of Fortescue, NJ
Visiting Status: Interior closed to public. Maintained by Coast Guard.
Light Operational: Yes
Date Deactivated: Never
Automated: 1974
Tower Height: 45 feet
Original Optic: Fourth Order
Present Optic: 500 MM