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Lighthouses In Our Society


Lighthouses have played an essential role in our in society. They have saved ships, lives, and brought countless memories to the keepers that staffed the lights. Lighthouses come in all different shapes, colors, and origin. Each building has a rich history and background. Every lantern is special in its own way. Lighthouses have been lighting our shores since the early 1700s and will always lead the way to a bright horizon!

Some Lighthouse Facts

All lighthouses have a marking or color scheme. The color of the lighthouse is called its daymark. The daymark of the Cape May Lighthouse is bone white. That color helped seamen distinguish that light from another lighthuse along the shore during the day.

First Order Fresnel Lens - Courtesy of Bill O'Brien All lighthouses have lanterns. Lanterns make the lighthouse able to shine its light out to sea. The lens most common in lighthouses during their heyday was a Fresnel (said fray-nal) Lens. These lenses came in sizes called orders. The largest were First Order Fresnel Lenses. The smallest was the sixth order lens. When the size of the lens decreased, so did its power and strength to produce a powerful beam of ligh out to sea.

Tallest Lightouse In The USA: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina
Oldest Operating Lighthouse: Sandy Hook Lighthouse (1764), New Jersey


Today, many lights are automated, which means that the light is run and operated by electricity, and no keeper is needed. These days, lighthouses are being forgotten and mixed into the olden days. But we, as a society must keep lighthouses in our daily lives, and respect them for all the work they have done for the countless shipwrecks and lives that were saved by the courageous keepers. Today, our lights are being dimmed by the hands of vandals and neglect. We must save them as soon as possible. Many are crumbling and being lost forever. Their doomsday may come any day. We need to save our heritage and our history. Without the hard work of lighthouse enthusiasts and support groups, we would not have the great renovated and open lighthouses that we do today. They deserve a hand! Lighthouses may not seem like much, but to the keepers that took care of them, it is their life.