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Hereford Inlet Lighthouse - 1874

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Marking the entrance to Hereford Inlet, an important harbor of refuge for small coasting vessels , this lighthouse has a stick frame dwelling, part one story and part two stories. The square light tower, with its fourth-order lantern and lens, rose out of the one-story portion to a height of 57 feet. The light, 53 feet above sea level, was originally a fixed white light but was changed to a flashing red and white one in 1897. The Coast Guard decommissioned the lighthouse in 1964 and transferred it to state's marine police, and the light was moved to a white skeleton tower. In 1983, the old structure was conveyed to the town. Volunteer efforts restored the former navigational aid and permitted North Wildwood to open the station to the public during the summer. At the urging of the town, the tower's light has been reinstalled. The lighthouse continues to serve as a museum and is maintained by the Herefore Inlet Lighthouse Commission and community volunteers.

Location: Central Avenue between First and Central Avenues, North Wildwood
Visiting Status: Open to public.
Information: (609)-522-4520 / Web Site
Light Operational: Yes
Date Deactivated: 1964-1983
Automated: 1964
Tower Height: 57 feet
Original Optic: Fourth Order Fresnel
Present Optic: Modern Optic