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Elbow of Cross Ledge Lighthouse

Part of the Lost Lighthouses of New Jersey Series

Elbow of Cross Ledge Lighthouse: Past & Present The Elbow of Cross Ledge Lighthouse was completed and lit in 1910, and has been described as having a brown lantern on top of a red, octagonal brick dwelling, sitting on top of a brown cylindrical base. During a hurricane in 1951, the Elbow was damaged and and the four-man crew was removed, never to return again. The Elbow was then lit via an underwater cable. The men who manned the station routinely slept in lifejackets because of repeated blows from ships. Then, on October 20, 1953, during a dense fog, the Elbow was struck by an ore-laden freighter. The lighthouse was assimilated, leaving only the base and the first ten feet of the building. In 1954, an automated light was installed atop a red, steel skeleton tower on the original Elbow base and continues to operate as an active aid to navigation.