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The Original Collection

   These are the original Stick Deaths.


Man Against Owl Monkey Thing

Handyman Gets A taste Of Skateboarder

What Else Could Go Wrong In Baseball
Race Until You Die - When A sign Hits You 
How Many People Can 1 Person Kill
The Chuga Chuga Choo Choo Accident
Man Against Car In A Game Of Chicken 
The Stick Head but Of Death-When Sticks Collide
A Stick Fight Breaks Out! Who Will Win
Death To Stickman - Through A Table
Cannon Shows Stick The Meaning Of Funny
The Helichoper Slice Of death
When A Parachute Kills A Stick From A Flying Plane
When A Trampoline Flip Kills A Poor Victim
The Attack Of The Vicious Vacuum Cleaners
He Shoots, He...Ouch, That Aint Right  
The Frustrations Of The Egg Head
Burnt By A Stick, Um A Really Big Stick
The Attempt To Run Through A Stone Wall