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Death By Wrestling

    Theses are the Deaths committed by Wrestlers.

Chokeslam Through A Table And A Chair
Pedigree Through A Hell In A Cell Cage
What Is It Like To Get Bronco Bustered
Flying Clothesline Of The Empire State Building
Rock Bottom Through A 16 Story Building
A Head Throw Through A Base Drum
Ten Chair Shots To The Um... Ya Know
Sinton Bomb Squish Into Barbed Wire
The Shovel Scoop Through The Titan-Tron
Too Cools Dance, It Ends In A Rampage
Rakishi Bomb Through The Earth
Pile Driver Onto A Chainsaw
Scoop Slam Onto A Land Mine
Tombstone Through 5 Tables
The Peoples Elbow - He NAILS It
DDT Onto Metal Tacks
Back Crush Onto Nail Board
Throw Onto A Table
HEAD To HEAD Competition